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Taiwan Issued Stamps on Herb Plants

taiwan herb plants stamps

Allium schoenoprasum: It is a perennial plant of the family Amaryllidaceae, with a scaly bulb. The tubular leaves are long, slender, and hollow. The pink flowers have six petals, and they are densely clustered in a globular inflorescence.

Borago officinalis: It is an annual herb of the family Boraginaceae, and thickly covered in white, prickly fuzz. The scapes are hollow, the leaves are oval, with conspicuous veins. The star-shaped flowers have five petals. The flowers are purplish red when they first bloom; but as they blossom, they begin to turn royal-blue. White-flowered varieties are also available.

Tropaeolum majus: It is an annual herb of the family Tropaeolaceae. The leaves are circular, and the petioles are attached to the middle of the leaves. The chaliced flowers have five petals, and appear in yellow, red, and orange of various shades.

Chamaemelum nobile: It is a perennial herb of the family Asteraceae. The leaves are alternate, pinnate, and finely divided. The flowers are composite inflorescence, with yellow discs and creamy white ray florets all around.

Date of Issue: 11 June 2015

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