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France:New Stamps on Nepoleon and Groupe Bel

 Napoleon I

The Block of stamps issued on the occasion of the bicentenary of the death (1769 -1821)of Napoleon 1st a stamp with a portrait of young Napoleon and a stamp with Napoleon at Saint Helena looking out to sea โ€œ

Issue Date:19.04.2021 Designer:Sophie Beaujard Illustrator:Sophie Beaujard Process:Mixte

Groupe Bel 

Flag bearer of a formidable human, marketing and industrial history, this iconic brand embodies the values โ€‹โ€‹of the Bel Group: benevolence, daring and commitment. A family group that has preserved its identity since 1865 and has grown by making openness, responsibility, accessibility and innovation the basis of its sustainability. Since its origins in the Jura, where Jules Bel developed new cheese-making techniques, the Group, present today in three territories: dairy, fruit and vegetable, has always favored innovation and the continuous improvement of its expertise to meet changing consumer expectations.

Issue Date:19.04.2021

Designer and Illustrator:Stephane Humbert Basset

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