Phila Mirror

  • New Europa 2021 Stamps on Endangered National Wildlife

    Romania 1. European mink 2. The Great Bustard  Issue Date:22.04.2021 Designer:George URSACHI Process:Offset Colours:4 Colours (+ ink visibile in UV) Size:33 x 48 mm Norway:Bumble bee Species Recent years have seen a sharp decline in many bumblebee species in Europe and North America, due mainly to changes in agricultural methods over the past century. Three species of […]

  • France:New Stamps on Nepoleon and Groupe Bel

     Napoleon I The Block of stamps issued on the occasion of the bicentenary of the death (1769 -1821)of Napoleon 1st a stamp with a portrait of young Napoleon and a stamp with Napoleon at Saint Helena looking out to sea “ Issue Date:19.04.2021 Designer:Sophie Beaujard Illustrator:Sophie Beaujard Process:Mixte Groupe Bel  Flag bearer of a formidable human, […]

  • IOM:Sheetlets on HRH Prince Philip and The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

    HRH Prince Philip The sheetlet celebrating landmark events and some of the many achievements of H R H Prince Philip in the year that sees him celebrate his 100th Birthday. 2021 also marks the 65th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, started by Prince Philip in 1956. Issue Date:31.03.2021 Designer:EJC Design Printer:Lowe Martin Process:Offset […]