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New Stamps from Australia

Colors of the Australian Antarctic Territory

australia colors of aat

Only two of the world’s continents lie entirely within the Southern Hemisphere: Australia and Antarctica. Australia lies quite close to the equator, while Antarctica is situated about the South Geographic Pole.Antarctica is almost entirely covered by an ice sheet. In extreme weather snow blizzards can cause whiteout, an optical phenomenon in which uniform light conditions effectively make it impossible to distinguish shadows, landmarks or the horizon.

However, some beautiful effects can be observed. In the freezing dry atmosphere of the Australian Antarctic Territory frozen water vapour remains in the air as suspended ice crystals. The reflection of light on these crystals creates some spectacular atmospheric effects such as solar pillars, sun dogs and solar halos. These beautiful stamps demonstrate some of the amazing colours that can be observed in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

Date of Issue: 26 May 2015 Denominations: 2 x 70c, 2 x $1.40

Collections Australia

australia collections stamps

The anchor of the HMB Endeavour (National Museum of Australia) represents British maritime exploration and possession of Australia’s east coast.The Welcome Stranger nugget replica (Sovereign Hill’s Gold Museum) signals the Australian gold rushes era.The automatic totaliser model (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences) represents design and technological innovation.The Turtle (Australian Museum) recognises Indigenous culture and its response to the problem of discarded fishing nets, which endanger marine fauna.

Date of Issue: 19 May 2015 Denominations: 4 x 70c

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