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Top 6 Tips to Inexpensive Stamp Collecting

Many people may be under the impression that stamp collecting or philately is an expensive hobby. It can be expensive if you’re into rare and famous stamps which are mostly acquired through auction houses. But if you’re collecting stamps for the beauty of the stamps, this hobby need not cost you much. There are six common […]

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Two Computer Programs for Measuring Stamp Perforations

By William F. Sharpe Most collectors are familiar with perforation gauges to measure the distance between stamp perforations. The Scott Multi-Gauge, for example, is accurate enough to measure perforations at least to the nearest tenth perf size. Perf size is defined as the number of holes or teeth within a length or width of 2 […]


Philately:Few Tips before Buying Stamps

rint colour should be fresh, not faded. There should be no marks or scratches. The gum should have a smooth colour. There should be no tone spots _ marks of a brown, rusty appearance _ on either side of the stamp. Hinge remnants, where the stamp has torn away rather than letting go of the […]

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How to Protect Stamps from Humidity

Extreme warm weather and humidity causing the stamps to curl or stick to album pages. Below are some tips to help you maintain your collection in these extreme conditions. Proper Storage of Stamp Collections :The albums you use to organize your stamps should be stored upright on a book shelf and not stacked on top of […]

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History of Meghdoot Postcard

First Meghdoot Postcard The first  MEGHDOOT Post Card of  India issued as on 02.09.2002 on  a film advertisement with  a  photo of Tamil  cinema star  Rajnikant .Features of the postcard   were  unique .  Meghdoot  Postcard  is priced cheaper than normal postcard at  25 paisa instead of normal postcard’s price is 50 paisa.,.50 %  space […]

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J C Bose: The Scientist Who Proved That Plants Too Can Feel

Jagadish Chandra Bose (30 Nov.1858-23 Nov.1937) India released a commemorative stamp on the occasion of birth centenary of J C Bose in 1958. Physicist turned plant biologist Jagadish Chandra Bose was born  in Mymensingh, India (now in Bangladesh)During the years 1894-1900, Bose performed pioneering research on radio waves and created waves as short as 5 […]

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Children’s Day Stamps of India

India started releasing commemorative stamps on Children’s day from 1957. In the year 1957 itself  3 stamps were released on 14th November to commemorate the day. Photographs of children or paintings made by children are the main themes of these stamps. In 1964 Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru’s photograph was printed on children’s day stamp. Over the years some miniature sheets have […]