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New Stamps Issued from Israel

Butterflies : My Own Stamp

Date of Release:9th June 2020

Summer Flowers:Epilobium Hirsutum

Relatively few plants bloom in Israel in the summer due to the lack of rain during this arid season. It is therefore not surprising that most of the species that do bloom are found in damp habitats such as pools, riverbanks and beside swamps, where they have sufficient water. These habitats are crowded and plants compete for space and light. Most of them have complex root systems and grow vigorously.

Issue Date:09.06.2020 Process:Offset

Hebrew Writers

These writers left a mark in his/her field, not just for their writing talent and excellent published works, but rather, and possibly even more so, due to their clear voices and involvement in Israeli society, from the establishment of the new State. Three generations characterized by a simultaneous mix of contradictions and parallels. Haim Gouri and Amos Oz, born in Israel prior to the State, reflected in their writings the country’s wars and the central questions of the new Jewish-Israeli existence after the War of Independence. Ronit Matalon, born in the State of Israel, reflected in her writings the condition of the individual, mainly the female individual, as a woman from mid-Eastern descent driven to promote the status of women and to increase pluralism in the renewed State of Israel.

Issue Date:09.06.2020 Process:Offset

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