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New Stamps Released from New Zealand


In te reo Māori, the indigenous language of Aotearoa New Zealand, kākāriki is the term used to describe the small parakeets found on the mainland and surrounding islands. All species and subspecies of New Zealand parakeet share the characteristic of green plumage, and kākāriki also serves as the word for this colour.The stamps depicts Yellow-crowned parakeet, Orange-fronted parakeet, Red-crowned parakeet, Forbes’ parakeet and Antipodes Islands parakeet.

Date of Release:4 March 2020,Designed by Tim Garman, Whanganui, New Zealand,Printer : Southern Colour Print, New Zealand,Perforation:      14 x 14

World Wetland Day

World Wetlands Day, held every year on 2 February, marks the date of the adoption of the intergovernmental treaty the Convention on Wetlands. The New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Collection is issued every year on this date; the 2020 issue is the 27th in the series and features the paradise shelduck (Tadorna variegata). This image was captured by Matt Winter, the winner of Game Bird Habitat Trust’s inaugural photo competition for the annual stamp. Winter’s perfectly timed image capturing the hen and drake together was the standout of 72 entries. Despite being hunted as a gamebird, the paradise shelduck population has dramatically increased in recent decades. It is currently New Zealand’s most widely distributed waterfowl, and the second most common after the mallard.

Date of Release:2  February  2020,Designed by Matt Winters, Blenheim, New Zealand,Printer : Southern Colour Print, New Zealand,Perforation:      14.25

NZ2020 International Stamp Exhibition

NZ2020 will be the first international exhibition held in New Zealand since the successful NZ 1990 World Stamp Exhibition. Join us for a fantastic weekend of philatelic displays, access to unique collectables and the opportunity to meet collectors and philatelic distributors from all around the world.

New Zealand Post has created a special maritime themed miniature sheet for the event celebrating Auckland as the City of Sails. Three additional miniature sheets featuring stamps from 2019 issues 2020 Year of the Rat, Kupe – The Great Navigator and Lighthouse Perspectives have also been produced for the event. These miniature sheets and their first day covers will be available to order from the Collectables and Solutions Centre after the exhibition.

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