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South Korea Issued Stamp on Silk Road Depicts Taj Mahal

korea silk road stamp
korea silk road sheetlet

South Korea has issued a postage stamp on 10th July 2015 on Gyeongju Silk Road Cultural Festival .It depicts Taj Mahal and Camel(State animal of Rajasthan). Gyeongju Silk Road Cultural Festival 2015 will be held from 21th of August to 18th of October this year(59days) in Gyeongju.Gyeongju is believed as the Eastern Silk Road. As a capital of Silla Dynasty, the city had an opportunity to exchange and cooperate with many important cities on the Silk Road.

A variety of exhibitions, performances, experiences, images about various cultures will be presented to the visitors during the festival. In particular, ‘Silla, Korea’s Golden Kingdom’ which was a special exhibition of the New York Metropolitan Museum in 2013 will be displayed in Gyoungju National Museum.

silk route map

Silk Road Sites in India

No.Name of PropertyState, Province or RegionArea (ha.)Geographic (lat/long) or UTM Coordinates of approximate centre point
1.Ruins of Ancient VaishaliBihar



2.77 (Vaishali)


7.30 (Kolhua)

25 59 N 85 6 E
2.Remains of Vikramshila Ancient UniversityBihar



42.3525 19 N 87 17 E
3.Buddhist remains of KushinagarUttar Pradesh, Kushinagar6.4 (Kushinagar)



26 45 N 83 55 E
4.SravastiUttar Pradesh, Sravasti164.81427 31 N 82 02 E
5.KaushambiUttar Pradesh, Kaushambi362.34125  20 N 81 23 E
6.AhichhatraRamnagar, tehsil Aonla, district Barreilly, Uttar Pradesh187.545 
 Ancient Site and Buddhist Stupa (Sanghol)”State- Punjab, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib, Tehsil- Khamanu, Locality- Sanghol (Uncha Pind)220mX200m30 47N 76 23E
 Arikamedu, Early Historic SiteUnion Territory  0f Pondicherry13.89 Hectares(34.33 acres)11 55 N 79 50E
 Excavated Remains of Kaveripattinam(Excavated remains of Buddhist vihara and temple at Pallavaneswaram-Melaiyur)Nagapattinam district,Tamil Nadu0.405 hec


(1.03 acres)

11 12 50 N


79  52 50 E

10Ancient monastery and stupa together with adjacent land (Harwan)Jammu & Kashmir, Kashmir Valley74 kanals 06 Marla34 9N 74   84E
11Mound Locally


Known as Burud

Kot (Nalla

Sopara Stupa)





Locality- Nalla





19 25N 72 47E
12IndraprasthaNCT Delhi19.010 approximate28 34 N 77 12E
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