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ASEAN Joint Stamp Issue

asean stamps

The ASEAN posted on its Twitter account an image of the 10 ASEAN member states’ stamps to mark the ASEAN’s 48th anniversary. Each country produced the stamp with the country’s name and currency. ASEAN will launch the stamps on 8 August this year, which is the 48th anniversary of ASEAN,” ASEAN said. In the stamps, ASEAN member states’ flags are unified in a form of a flower, while a pigeon in the background symbolizes the region’s pacific aspect. “A handshake below the flags portrays friendship and the golden ears of rice refer to basic agriculture, the main ASEAN way of life,” the ASEAN said. On the postmark, the ASEAN emblem is placed in the middle of the design, circled by three lines which refer to the “three pillars” of ASEAN Community: – ASEAN Political-Security Community – ASEAN Economic Community – ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community. The ASEAN said the winning stamp and postmark designs came from Vietnam Post, and were selected during the final round of  stamp design contest last February in Bangkok.

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