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Norfolk Island Issued Stamps on Seashells

Norfolk Island has issued 5 stamps on seashells of the IslandThe 15c stamp features a plicate Conch and a Zelebor Wentletrap. Wentletrap is derived from the Dutch language meaning spiral stairs, these are also known as ladder or staircase shells. Some conch shells also make pearls and trumpets. The 60c stamp illustrates the Violet Snail […]

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History of Meghdoot Postcard

First Meghdoot Postcard The first  MEGHDOOT Post Card of  India issued as on 02.09.2002 on  a film advertisement with  a  photo of Tamil  cinema star  Rajnikant .Features of the postcard   were  unique .  Meghdoot  Postcard  is priced cheaper than normal postcard at  25 paisa instead of normal postcard’s price is 50 paisa.,.50 %  space […]