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India:Special Cover on Centenary of Veena R.Pichumani Iyer

R.Pichumani Iyer one of the foremost veena vidwans in Carnatic music, was born on May 18, 1920. R.Pichumani hailed from a family of musicians.  After profiting by early training at the age of 10 in vocal music from Jalar Gopala Aiyar, he later took to the Veena and underwent discipleship under Tiruchi Kupanna. His pursuit of Veena music was dedicated to traditional values and for more than five decades he enjoyed a steady and dignified professional career during which, apart from conventional success, recognition of his merit and his services to music came in the form of honours and titles. Embanking on a professional career in 1940, he gave over thousands of performances and these include public concert performances in various parts of India and abroad, Radio programmes (including the prestigious National programme and Sangeetha Sammelan Programmes), T.V. appearances etc.  He was awarded Top Rank Artiste by All India Radio.

Date of Release:24th December 2020,Chennai

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