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New Stamps Released from Cyprus

Europa 2020:Ancient Postal Routes

During three centuries (1571-1878) of Ottoman occupation of Cyprus the town of Larnaka was the centre of commerce and the abode of the consular corps. Correspondence was minimal and any mail was hand carried by a ship’s captain.The first ottoman post office opened in Lefkosia in 1871, and the first  postal route between Larnaka and Lefkosia was opened. Inland post was carried by horses, mules and camels on dirt tracks from ancient times.

In 1878 when Great Britain took over the administration of the island’s post offices were opened in every town. The transportation  of mail was by means of a diligence drawn by two horses and two mules.

In 1905 a railway service began  between Ammohostos and Evrychou  via Lefkosia and Morphou carrying passengers, goods and mail. The transportation of mail by train ceased with the closure of the railway in 1951.

Date of Issue:4th May 2020

EUROMED 2020 :Traditional Gastronomy in the Mediterranean

For the seventh consecutive year, Member States of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean “Euromed Postal” issue a stamp with a common theme. This year’s theme is “Traditional Gastronomy”.

The stamp of Cyprus illustrates kolokasi, a purely traditional Cypriot food cooked in various ways.

With its characteristic conical shape and special taste, kolokasi is identified with the Cypriot Gastronomy and the whole culture of the island.

It has a high nutritional value and significantly shields the immune system. Kolokasi is rich in vitamins A and C, proteins, carbohydrates and contains fibres as well as amino acids.

Date of Issue:9th July 2020

Marathon Runner Stelios Kyriakides

Stelios Kyriakides, a born winner from Statos, Paphos, who, by his stubbornness and will surpassed himself and managed to turn the eyes of the entire world on him. A world-famous long-distance champion.

In 1933, he came first in the Pan-Cyprian track and field events with the Gymnastic Association “Olympia” of Limassol. In 1934, he competed for the Greek National Team and came first in the Pan-Hellenic and Balkan track and field events.After that, he won many medals and distinctions in many international events, culminating in winning the 50th Boston Marathon in 1946 at the age of 36 setting the best time in the world.

His first words when he arrived at the US were: “I am here to run for 7 million famine-ravaged Greeks”.

It was the fight of his life and managed to raise millions of dollars for the humanitarian aid called “Package Kyriakides” giving rise to hope for Greece ravaged by the occupation and civil war.

Date of Issue:19th March 2020

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