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New Stamps Released from Azerbaijan

Birth Centenary of Leyla Badirbeyli

Leyla Badirbeyli left a bright mark on the history of Azerbaijani art. For many years, she has served as a source of inspiration for young artists. Her internal spirit made her an outstanding actress and dancer.When she was a child, she often visited an all-girls club with her mother, where she discovered her dancing and artistic skills.

Her passion for art strived future actress to continue dancing lessons even when she went to school. However, in 1936 dancing turned from hobby to livelihood when Leyla was offered a spot in the Song and Dance Ensemble named after Muslim Magomayev, successfully touring throughout the Soviet Union.Meanwhile, Leyla recognized in herself an actor talent and became an actress of the Azerbaijan Drama Theater.A timeless duet between Rashid Behbudov and the beautiful Leyla Bedirbeyli championed the film “Arshin Mal Alan” to audiences in almost 50 countries! The film, created in a time of war, delighted the entire post soviet area.

Bedirbeyli’s art coincided with the “golden age” of Azerbaijani theater in the 1940s to 70s, when the nation’s greatest artists of several generations met on the stage at the same time.

Print Run:300000,Designer:Vugar Ayyubov

Europa 2020:Theme:Ancient Postal Routes

Shah Ismail

Shah Ismail has left a deep mark in the Azerbaijan’s rich history.He declared Azerbaijani as the state language, and wrote beautiful epic poems under the name Khatai.Ismail was only a year old when his father was killed by the Aq Qoyunlu.

For six years Ismail was hiding from his enemies in the palace of Mirza Ali, who was faithful to Safavids. Ruler of Aq Qoyunlu Rustam urgently requires the issuance of Ismail, and sent threatening letters to Mirza Ali. Making sure in their futility, he sent 300 horsemen to the palace.Within years of hiding, Ismail studied science and military affairs before emerging at the age of 12 years to take over Azerbaijan.Soon young Ismail took under control the territories of today’s Iran, as well as Iraq, the Caucasus, parts of Central Asia, and western Afghanistan.During his rule the state became to be called Azerbaijan and Turkish for almost a century remained the state language.

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