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New Stamps from Aland Islands

Medical and Industrial Tubing

Optinova Group, an Åland company headquartered in Mariehamn, is world leader in the manufacture of polymer-based tubing for medical and industrial applications. The tubing is used in a wide range of areas, for example in cardiovascular surgery, pharmaceutical industry and food production as well as in the electricity and electronics sectors.

Issue Date:05.06.2020 Designer:Kjell Söderlund Printer:Cartor Security Printing Process:Offset Colours:4-colour Size:35 x35 mm

Nordic 2020 : Mammals

The theme of the 2020 Nordic stamp series is mammals, and the Åland stamp illustrates the mythical bat silhouetted against the bell tower of the Mariehamn City Library. 10 different species of bats have been observed in Åland, the Northern bat (Eptesicus nilsonii) being the most common. Fluorescent printing has been applied to parts of the motif which glows in the dark. To observe the luminescence, you must first ”charge” the stamp with light before you enter a dark room. The more you “charge” the luminous print with light, the stronger the effect.

Issue Date:05.06.2020 Designer:Bo Söderlund Printer:Cartor Security Printing Process:Offset Colours:4-colour Size:40 x 26 mm

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