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New Stamps Released from Guernsey

75th Liberation Day 

75 years on, Liberation Day, which is celebrated annually on 9 May, is a chance for islanders to remember the days of occupation and celebrate their freedom with a wonderful parade and fireworks, and much more besides.

Issue Date:02.05.2020 Designer:Two Degrees North Printer:Bpost Process:Offset Lithography Size:30mm deep x 45mm wide

250th Anniversary of Beethoven

Great composer Ludwig van Beethoven, born in Bonn, Germany, in 1770. He is believed to be the most frequently performed classical music composer in the world – and certainly one of the most influential.

Issue Date:02.05.2020 Designer:The Potting Shed Printer:Southern Colour Print Process:Offset Lithography Size:40mm deep X 30mm wide

Endangered Species: Kodofan Giraffe

The name giraffe comes from the Arabic word ‘zirafah’, meaning the tallest of all. Reaching heights of 17 feet, these gentle giants tower over the animal kingdom.Recent genetic discoveries have found that there are four distinct species, all native to Africa – the Northern giraffe, Southern giraffe, Reticulated giraffe and the Masai giraffe.The latest in our Endangered Species series features the critically endangered Kordofan giraffe. Unfortunately habitat loss, mining, poaching and civil unrest have all placed it in real danger of extinction and conservationists are calling for everyone to stop overlooking these majestic mammals.

Issue Date:02.05.2020 Designer:Joel Kirk Printer:Bpost Process:Offset Lithography Size:Stamp Size: 70mm deep x 60mm wide, Sheet Size: 84mm deep x 118mm wide

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