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Belarus Issued Stamps on Myxomycetes

Myxomycetes, or slime molds, are a group of organisms close to fungi, which in many modern systems is considered as an independent class. These amazing miniature organisms are little known because of their small size and secretive lifestyle. In fact, myxomycetes can be found in nature at every step: they settle in moist places in the forest, on dead leaves, wood, tree bark and on old fences. Along with fungi and bacteria, myxomycetes are actively involved in the decomposition of organic residues and the formation of a soil substrate suitable for plant growth.

Date of Release:6th April 2020 Photos: Yevgeniy Moroz. Design: Marina Yurchik. Print process: offset. Colour: multicoloured. Paper: chalk-surfaced, gummed. Perforations: comb 13: 131/2. Stamps size: 26×37 mm. Sheets composition: 6 (3×2) stamps. Sheets size: 97×93 mm. Print quantity: 36.000 stamps each.

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