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Newly Issued German Envelopes

Anniversary letter “150th birthday Ernst Barlach”

Ernst Barlach – pioneer of modernity:Shaped envelope with special postage stamp and information sheet (A4) and postcard (format: 18 × 13 cm).

Date of Release:2nd January 2020,Format: 23.0 × 16.2 cm

175 Years of the German Physical  Society

The German Physical Society will celebrate its 175th anniversary in January 2020. The aim of society is to give physics a public weight. Whether schoolchildren, students, teachers, professors, industrialists or Nobel Prize winners – the DPG sees itself as the mouthpiece of physics and its related fields. Among other things, it awards prestigious physics prizes, promotes young physicians, offers advanced training courses and is the voice of physics in public debates.On January 14, 1845, participants from the physical colloquium founded by Heinrich Gustav Magnus initially founded the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin, from which the DPG emerged on January 1, 1899. Physicists such as Max Planck or Albert Einstein acted as chairperson of the DPG.After World War II, the DPG was re-founded in 1963. In Bad Honnef the DPG operates the physics center (with) and in Berlin the Magnus-Haus is used to represent the concerns of the DPG.

Layout: DPS Wermsdorf Paper: Special postal stationery uncoated Print: Multi-color offset printing from the company Deutscher Philatelie-Service GmbH, Wermsdorf Size / Format: DIN C6 (162 x 114 mm)

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