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Indian Participation in BIRDPEX 8

By Wolfgang Beyer ,BDPh (German Philatelic Federation) and AIJP

The BIRDPEX 8, an International philatelic show, will be held in Mondorf-les-Baines (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) from 19th May to 21st May  2018. The organizer of this philatelic event is the philatelic Club PHILCOLUX  of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (

42 stamp collectors will participate in Birdpex 8 with their   52 exhibits on Ornithology. The exhibitors are from eight different countries Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, Israel and India.

From India Krishnamurthy J.(Villapuram) will exhibit his collection BIRD – A MESSENGER OF PEACE- A SYMBOL OF LOVE (4 Frames) Srinivasan, Paramasivam (Gurgaon) with the exhibits – MAGPIE IN NATURE AND MYTH (one Frame), THE WORLD OF FLAMINGOS (one frame) and THE NATIONAL PFRIDE OF INDIA: PEACOCK A BIRD  AND SYMBOL(one frame). Divekar Mrugank D. (Mumbai) with the exhibit – EAGLE AND OWL (3 Frames-youth class).

A pictorial  postmark,  Special cover,  Special postcard and two personalized stamps all featuring the barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) will be released during the exhibition .

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