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Europa 2015 Stamps:Malta

malta europa stamps

The Cart (Karretta) featured on the €0.59 stamp and the Hoop (Cirku) illustrated on the €2.19 stamp.The €0.59 stamp will be Malta’s entry for the Best EUROPA Stamp Contest. The stamp set was designed by the local artist Joe Mark Micallef and will be issued in a sheetlet bearing 11 stamps. Each stamp measures 30.5mm x 41mm, has a perforation of 13.7 x 13.8 (comb.) bearing the Maltese Crosses watermark while the sheetlet measures 147mm x 148mm. Printex Ltd has printed the stamps in offset and the issue consists of 39,600 of the €2.19 stamp and 99,000 of the €0.59.Date of Issue: 9th of May 2015.


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