Truth of Delhi Philatelic Bureau

By Vijay Kumar Jain

Often I see people complaining about services of philately bureau at SMHO, New Delhi.  People‚Äôs complaint might be genuine but one should try to understand the truth of this bureau. The functions of this bureau are discharged by two postal assistants and a group D employee. These three personnel discharges following functions-

"delhi(1) PD supply to about 6000 accounts but even after paucity of personnel they will complete the supply of December-2013 by 15 Feb. 2014.

(2) Organizing release functions of about 40 stamps a year. Majority of stamps are released by President and PM.Every such function consumes 5 days.

(3) Organising release functions of about 20 special covers a year (mostly released by Cabinet ministers).

(4) Supplying Fdc and brochures to all the 66 bureaus across the country.

(5) Organizing India post stall at trade fair(14 days), book fair(7 days) and various philatelic exhibitions like Indipex, Dekpex etc. In comparison to any other bureau they have quadruple (four times) the workload.

We should be considerate with the staff. I urge that every philatelist should spare some time and write an email to SSPO, NDCD for enhancing staff at philately bureau, SMHO. Email id : [email protected]

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