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Italy Issued Stamp on 150th Anniversary of Poet Giuseppe Gioachino Belli

Italy has  issued a stamp to commemorate the 150th death anniversary of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, Italian poet whose satirical sonnets present a vivid picture of life in papal Rome in the early 19th century.

After an unhappy childhood Belli was a clerical worker until, in 1816, marriage to a rich widow enabled him to devote much time topoetry. His conservative political views as a papal civil servant were jolted by the Revolution of 1848 and the formation of the Roman republic of 1849. He stopped writing satiric verses and in his final hours asked that his sonnets be burned. Throughout his life he was troubled by moral and religious scruples.His more than 2,000 sonnets in Romandialectcontrast with his conformist way of life.

Composed mainly during 1830–39, they seem to have provided an outlet for his repressed feelings. Although he also wrote conventional poems in Italian, his originality lies in the sonnets, which express his revolt against literary tradition, the academic mentality, and the social injustices of the papal system. The ritualism of the church and the accepted principles of commonplace morality were also objects of his derision. But just as when he wrote in his most erotic vein Belli was never obscene, so he was never really impious in his apparently most profane sonnets; in them, rather, he registered a passing mood of rebellion.

Belli’s greatest gift was for observing and describing the people of Rome with the range of a major novelist.

The stamp was inspired by the statue of Giuseppe Gioachino Belli created by the sculptor Michael Tripisciano in 1913 and placed in the square of Trastevere in Rome, in the background a stylized profile of the city is depicted.

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