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Faroe Islands:Christmas Carols Stamp

"" Faroese Post is releasing the second issue of Christmas carols stamps.The motif of the 6.50 stamp is based on the modern Faroese Christmas classic, ”Eg eri so spent til jola” – ”I can’t wait for Christmas to come.” The music was written by Johannus a Rogvu Joensen and lyrics by Ella Smith Clementsen.The song and the story is about the six-year old Margreta who has problems with controlling her longing and expectations for Christmas. In her restlessness she goes out for a walk and in Torshavn’s old cafe, she meets a pixie-girl, who takes her out on adventures that only six year olds can experience.The second song was written on Christmas Eve 1858 by the 26 year old Marie Wexelsen, waiting for the Christmas guests to arrive. As she sat there and looked out the window, she came to think of her childhood Christmas, and began in her mind to formulate a Christmas song. Her song ”I rejoice every Christmas Eve” became one of the greatest Nordic Christmas classics.

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