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Russia Issues Sochi 2014 stamp

Stamp collectors in Russia have got a good chance to become the first owners of the Sochi (Russia) – Capital of the 22nd Olympic Games 2014 stamp. A memorable seal stamp set ceremony was held simultaneously in Moscow and Sochi.Since 1896 all organizers of the Olympic Games have been issuing stamps on the occasion. These miniatures, dedicated to the competitions of the best athletes of the world, add more pearls to the stamp collections of their owners, the President of the Sochi-2014 Organizing Committee Dmitry Chernyshenko says.  ”Our series, “Sochi – 2014” includes 45 topics, which contain information about the beautiful city of Sochi, about its unique nature, about unique innovation sports facilities, which will be built there, and of course, about the winter Olympic sports. We also plan to use our wonderful mascots, which will promote both the image of Sochi and the Sochi – 2014 project all over the world.”The new stamp set pictures the official emblem of the 22nd Olympic Games amid the little mountain area, named Krasnaya Polyana, which is under snow now, and a stylized torch in Olympic colours.

The new stamp set will be an edition of 120,000 copies, which will be spread through the post offices all over Russia. 4 stamp sets, 45 stamps with different plots, postcards, and also sets of postage stamps in the art cover.The post offices in Russia will sell the whole  collection containing the symbols of the 2014 Sochi Games. Besides, Russia proposes to issue a special card guaranteeing the receiving of postage stamps and other philatelistic produce with Olympic and Paralympic symbols for 4 years.

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