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Russia Issued Stamp on Königsberg Operation

The Königsberg operation (April 6–9, 1945) is a military offensive operation of the USSR Armed Forces during the Great Patriotic War with the aim of liquidating the Königsberg group of German troops and capturing the fortified city of Königsberg. On April 9, 1945, after a massive bombardment and assault on the fortress by the 11th Guards Army, General Lyash signed the act of surrender. The German garrison capitulated. The Victory Banner was hoisted on the Don tower.As a result of the operation, the main forces of the East Prussian German group were defeated. Only the Zemland group remained, which was liquidated on April 25. The successful capture of Königsberg by the troops of the 3rd Belorussian Front and the capture of a significant part of the 100,000-strong garrison of the city debunked the myth of the impregnability of German fortresses and decisively influenced the further course of the war, allowed the Red Army command to transfer the main attack to the Zemland Peninsula. The postage stamp depicts a bas-relief with a group of Soviet soldiers during the Koenigsberg operation.

Date of Release:6th April 2020

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