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  1. Mahesh Parekh says:

    Mr Mahapatra thanks for your time and effort you have taken with the department.

    First and for most suggestion from by side is we should have a periodical
    meeting with them. This periodical meeting should take place at least once in month. This can be 1st or 2nd Saturday of every month. Unless this is fixed the chances are very week for follow-up from Dept. side. The officials change. This is MUST. Otherwise Philatelists efforts always “unheard”.
    We wish you to make note of this small suugestion sir.
    mahesh parekh


    Respected Sri Mahapatra your concerns are very genuine.
    But I think ,to promote the Romance of Stamps among young at heart
    one way is by producing stuff that is to their taste & appeal, first.
    Next is making the NEW ISSUE Day a media attention-grabbing
    event by making announcements in vernacular press, National Newspapers and on TV News Channels etc.
    And even more importantly – how to make the young & not so young to write letters in hand and go to the Post Office/Letter Box.
    The touchy-feely aspect of human communications that a letter
    had has been lost to the Mobile & the E-mail.
    Institutional use of post has gone to outsourcing agencies who mainly
    use Courier Services.

    • Sandeep says:

      Dear Mr. Sunil Garg,
      With due respects, as stated by you, I would rather not demean philatelists by using the expression – ‘perfect candidates for a dealer to fleece’. Let this be the spiteful perception of dealers only. ‘Philately without enthusiasm would be no philately at all’.
      You might be luckier being in Delhi. But the hard and evident fact for the ‘born-this-moment-philatelist’ (and matter of delight for the dealer) is that, in spite of being in possession of an efficiently operative PD Account – for getting the ‘before-I-was-born-to-philately’ issues, one still has to knock the door of a stamp dealer, who would usually be nicely guised as a philatelist!! Unfortunately, India Post does not support philatelists on this issue too much. One might get leftovers at some places but not everything, everywhere, all the time. Points raised by Mr. D. Mahapatra genuinely tell the true story of the ‘Aam (common) philatelist’.
      For now onwards, the moot question is -‘what makes the Issuer fall behind on its commitments to the Philatelist?’
      As per India Post Annual report 2005-06, there were around 4 lac philatelists in India. Their latest Annual report 2010-11 says, ‘Philately is gaining ground as a hobby among all age groups’ (certain indications of an increase in philatelist population after five years!). Then why do we have only 3 lac stamps printed per issue nowadays? Not even one stamp per philatelist??
      Another quote from same report (this is part of Philately Policy and has been there in earlier reports also) – ‘Philately has been taken up … as an activity for revenue generation, in line with experience of a number of other Postal Administrations … France, USA…’ So if tomorrow, India Post announces a 10 Rs. face value on commemorative stamps (ones mainly for philatelists) against present 5 Rs. should I feel ‘fleeced’ by India Post during every issue?
      Lastly, Garg Ji, as a part of philately world and due respects to Tamil Language (one of the oldest languages in the world, which might neither be your language or mine), I would request you to abstain from usage of words like ‘stuff’ in connection to an issue. I would rather not order an issue, which does not interest me, instead of labeling it as ‘stuff’.
      Best regards.

      • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

        I am sorry if you felt personally offended by my
        calling Tamil Stamp as stuff. As per the various dictionaries the word stuff has tens of meanings that once had a negative perception-but these days it has moved in the mainstream English language to be used colloquially/otherwise expressing even drugs,money,personal possessions & what have you. Anyway ,for my friendly stampdealer(s) everything they sell is stuff/goods-even as I firmly feel that my dealer provides me a very useful service- for a price.
        Also I live in Kasganj that is 200 Km. east of New
        Delhi & 350 Km. west of Lucknow & not in Delhi.
        And I have been operating a Mumbai GPO`s
        P.D.A. for the last 30 years. Recently I opened one
        at Kolkata, but it is a costly affair as they cut
        8-10% insurance charges everytime they send me
        philatelic material.

  3. Dinu says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Very valid inputs.
    Thank you very much for these.

    No sooner I hear something from DPS – Delhi I shall be glad to share with you all.

    One small correction, which I believe to be an oversight – In front of all the goliaths like respected all I am lower than David.
    I do not think even in dream that I am senior.

  4. Sandeep says:

    Dear Mr. Mahapatra, its really heartening to see such kind of efforts being made after all.
    The questions and underlying problems seem to be my own too. For example, my own beloved bureau never received any supply of the Krishnadevaraya (27.01.2011 issue) Miniature sheets. Wearing the cap of a PD Account holder and standing helpless, I had to oblige my hobby with buying two pieces of the sheets, at six times the face value from ‘outside’.

    • Dinu says:

      Dear Mr. Sandeep,

      You were indeed lucky to be able to buy two at six times face value as you have saved minimum one time face value.

      I have seen in ebay 5 full sealed packets I mean face value Rs 2500/- being auctioned in ebay with starting bid of 17’500/-. In my bureau there are approx 6’000 PDAC holder and received supply was 6400 for the bureau. I was lucky to have 2 against standing order of 4.

      I am yet to know how many MS of K D Raya was printed? There was 7 – 8 – 9 different types (I do not know actually how many types are there and also I do not like to know – Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise :-D) of Rathjatra miniaure sheet!!! Wow!!

      Nothing is mentioned in the technical data of this issue – compare it with Technical data of Gurudev where it is clearly mentioned stamps 0.6 million each (0.3 million for normal distribution and 0.1 million for e – post at Sansad Marg; 0.2 million for proponent to be sent to Sansad Marg HO), MS 0.2 million (0.1 million for normal distribution and 0.1 million for e-post office to be sent to Sansad marg HO.
      Sorry, there is no attachment facility else I could have attached scanned copies of relevant portion in case you do not have the Technical data sheet. I leave it onto kindness of moderator to provide.

      Is no information is oversight for this particular issue or…..!!!
      Do not ask me a question and I do not have to tell you a lie is the well known idiom.

    • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

      Philatelists are way too enthusiastic-perfect candidates for a
      dealer to fleece. In 2010 at first I did not receive that RBI stamp & FDC and the Tamil stuff. I received them in December 2010 through my PDA. Also, I received the Triguna Sen in time.
      Last month I was sent a special Presentation pack on that
      beautiful CAG Stamp.
      In 2011 I have received Krishnadev Raya ,Gandhi Khadi &
      2008 Collector’s Pack, quite late though, all by PDA self.
      Delhi Philatelic Bureau has even sent the corrected version
      of Africa Summit FDC.

      • Dinu says:

        Respected Gargji,

        Your post certainly raises hope in my heart and becomes ‘a candle in the wind’.

        Let me see If i get the Triguna Sen + NCE setenant & balance two MS of KD Raya by the end of 2012 from my bureau.

        I am keeping my finger corssed.

        Thanks and regards

  5. opkedia says:

    Why not open an account with philatelic bureau at Indore which is most efficiant at present.We have recieved our registered requirments upto March 2011 and they are now preparing for supply upto Aug.2011.The beauty of Indian philatelic bureau is that they don’t charge postage anywhere in India for the supplies.So insted of just scolding bureaus ,why not just enjoy the benefits.The only thing you have to keep in mind is to keep sufficiant fund in your philatelic account .

    • SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

      Thanks for the `inside info’. I too feel that opening a PDA and
      then maintaining it seriously is the way to go . In fact Philamirror
      should be conducting a POLL of Philatelic Bureaux .

  6. dinu says:

    Six months have passed and I have not received any response.

    This post is just to update you .
    I do not think they read post from here.

  7. Vivek Sukhani says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I think its time the Department of Posts raise the denomination of commemorative stamps to at least Rs. 10(candidly, I would like to see it raised to Rs.20). That would ensure that stamp collecting as a business is a bit thwarted. I know even that wont help too much, as there is sufficient demand, but at least the mad rush would reduce a bit.

    Another interesting thing I have noticed(at least in Calcutta) is that youngsters are not so keen in pursuing philately as a hobby. You hardly see students, college goers etc coming to the Bureau. If this continues as a trend, philately may turn out to be a dying hobby. It may not be evident at this point of time, but it may happen eventually as more and more people get disenchanted by the menace of the dealers.

    Also, I think philately as a hobby is becoming exclusively male dominated. You will hardly see any lady coming to the Bureau to collect the stamps, except the odd-foreigners. This may be due to the kind of ambience at the Bureau, but I hardly see any female in family who is either pursuing it as a hobby, or is encouraging others to do the same.

    Moreover, I dont make out why isnt the Department sufficiently propagating it in the media? Until and unless, new collectors are encouraged to pursue it, we may not see meaningful activity in the study circles.

    Lastly, we ourselves are to be blamed for the current state of apathy. We should be gifting stamps, miniature sheets etc. to the young in the family, so that they get fascinated by philately. The idea of pursuing philately for knowledge needs to be sufficiently given due importance.



  8. Dinu says:

    It is 2014 March. I am yet to receive any reponse from IP. KD RAYA I have to keep myself satisfied with the supply I have received. Some little points have been implemented beside Shake down of Sansad marg bureau. Working has become a bit better but they are overloaded now.

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