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India Post Issued a Commemorative Stamp on S Ramanujan

India Post has today issued a Stamp on S Ramanujan .Ramanujan independently discovered results of Gauss, Kummer and others on hypergeometric series. Ramanujan’s own work on partial sums and products of hypergeometric series have led to major development in the topic. His most famous work was on the number p(n) of partitions of an integer […]

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India Post will Issue a Commemorative Stamp on Kavi Pradeep Today

India Post will Issue a commemorative stamp on Kavi Pradeep today.Kavi Pradeep (1915–1998), born Ramchandra Baryanji Dwivedi, was a renowned poet and songwriter who is best known for his patriotic song,Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo, written as tribute to the soldiers who had died defending the country, during the Sino-Indian War . His first recognition came for his patriotic […]