First flight Cover

first flight cover allahabadFirst flight cover, also known by the acronym FFC, is mail that has been carried on an inaugural flight   of an airline, route, or aircraft, normally postmarked with the date of the flight often of the arrival destination proving it was actually carried on the aircraft and may have a special flight cachet:184 and/or an arrival postmark. Because many first flight covers are essentially made as collectables they can be considered  philatelic mail though others consider them to be postal history. With the advent of air travel it wasn’t long before airplanes were carrying the mail between distant points about the globe.first flight cover air india

In the United States and Germany airmail delivery was greeted with the same national enthusiasm and fanfare as was experienced with the first trips to the moon by US astronauts. Consequently many people sent philatelic mail to themselves or friends that was carried aboard these flights in order to get a souvenir of the historic event. Covers carried aboard these flights are very popular and famous in some cases. The US Post office recognised the potential in providing first flight cover services to philatelists quite early on and in 1926 The Postal Bulletin carried extensive instructions for postmasters to ensure appropriate circulation took place and proper markings were added.

Due to the small loads carried on early first flights are scarce, in demand and expensive.:259 Following the First World War regular and special flights increased significantly to the extent that some modern flight are so commercial that thousands of covers are carried that no pilot could ever possibly sign. Thus collectors may find it difficult to cope with the quantity and diversity of first flight covers available to collect forcing them to specialise:158 though some catalogues exist to help them:262 such as the American Air Mail Catalogue.

The first official postal delivery flight between two towns took place on February 18, 1911, during the United provinces   Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition in India.The young French pilot  Henri Pequet carried mail from the exhibition location Allahabad to Naini   which is approx. 8 km away. It took Henri Pequet and his biplane “Sommer” about 13 minutes for the distance. The carried covers were provided with the large circular bright magenta postmark “First Aerial Post, U.P. Exhibition Allahabad 1911″ and a few cards were autographed by the pilot.62 Packets  carried about 6,000 cards and letters on his journey. Continue reading

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New Stamps from Finland

Finland- Aland Joint Issue on Finnish Tradition  Sauna

finland aland joint stamp issue In summer 2016, Posti and the tabloid paper Ilta-Sanomat collected almost 1,500 sauna photos from their readers. A jury selected four of the photos to be included in the booklet of stamps, as well as one additional sauna-themed photo from the Åland Islands. The booklet of domestic no-value indicator stamps was designed by Klaus Welp. The Sauna stamps are a joint release with Åland Post. – The atmosphere and closeness of nature in the photos show the Finnish sauna at its best in summer, says Design Manager Tommi Kantola from Posti who acted as the chairman of the jury.

Issue Date: 24.05.2017 Designer: Klaus Welp

Coat of Arms

finland coat of arms stampFinland’s coat of arms 1917 is a ten-euro special stamp designed by Pekka Piippo. The only visible printing on the embossed stamp is its golden foil. In UV light, the map of Finland and a graph depicting the genetic background of Finns appear on the miniature sheet and the stamp. The graph is based on research carried out by Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, which is part of the University of Helsinki, and the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

The background of the stamp features an iconic photograph taken by Martti Jämsä in the series Summer (1994-2003). In the photo, a small child is standing in a calm Finnish lake with a swimming ring, looking towards the opposite shore. Many Finns have memories about moments of this kind.

Issue Date: 24.05.2017 Designer: Design Pekka Piippo, Valokuva Martti Jämsä Values: 10€

The Moomins Time Travel

finland moomins stampsThe new Moomin museum celebrates with Moomins’ time travel. The Moomins’ time travel booklet of stamps celebrates the opening of the new Moomin museum in Tampere. Tove Jansson’s original Moomins from various decades depict the development of the characters over the course of time. The booklet of five international no-value indicator stamps was designed by Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu.

Issue Date: 24.05.2017 Designer: Susanna Rumpu, Ari Lakaniemi Originaalit Tove Jansson

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What Is Postal stationery ? (3)


wrapperThe manufacture of wrappers for the sending of newspapers or periodicals began in the U.S. in 1861. The first wrappers were rectangular pieces of paper with gum to seal it on one end and an embossed envelope stamp or indicium on it. By 1870, the form was that of a rectangle with the narrow side rounded and gummed at the top. They were manufactured from piles of 300 – 500 sheets of paper which were then cut to shape by a . After around 1900, they were cut individually from long ribbons of paper which had been printed with an embossed envelope die.

In the US, they were removed from the items for sale in 1934, though remainders were sold for several years after that. By 1940 most countries had discontinued their production due to declining demand. Because the recipient of a wrapped newspaper often tore it open and threw it away, untorn used wrappers, preferred by collectors, are scarce. Scarcer yet are wrappers with the original newspaper contents. Because of their larger size, even mint copies are often sold folded or creased which is also less desirable to collectors.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Issued Stamps on Myths and flora 2017

bosnia mitovii flora stampNarcissus is a perennial flowering plant from a family of Amaryllidaceae. Long leaves arise from the bulbs and are alike grass and on a long vertical stems there is a flower composed of a cup and corona surrounded by petals of a flower cover.

The Latin name comes from the old Greek word nárkissos (Narcissus), a name for a young man in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection. Fascinated, he tried to touch the character in the water but every time waves would appear and the character would disappear. The mountain nymph Echo, who had a wonderful voice, fell in love with Narcissus but was punished by the goddess Hera because she loved to gossip. Continue reading

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Croatia Issued Stamp on 25 Years of UN Membership

croatia un membership stampTwenty five years have passed since the Republic of Croatia fulfilled its most important strategic goal that seemed so distant in the early 1990s; from gaining independence and international recognition to a membership in the United Nations that, as the result of long-lasting and complicated diplomatic efforts, affirmed Croatia’s independence on the global level. Continue reading

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Andora Issued Stamps on Contemporary Art

andora art stampsThe Contemporary Art series includes this year a special issue in the form of a block sheet that includes two stamps dedicated to the finalist works presented at the “Tallers d’Art” of La Massana, which competed to represent the Principality of Andorra in the Biennial of Art of Venice of 2017. The winning work of the contest was “Murmuris” of the artist Eve Ariza that will be exposed in the Venetian Biennial. Continue reading

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What Is Postal stationery ?(2)

Postal cards:Postal cards are postal stationery and have a printed orpostcard embossed indicium   and are sold by governmental  postal authorities. In the United States, they were first produced in 1873. Some of the forms taken by postal cards include the regular single card, the attached message-reply cards, airmail postal cards, and official postal cards used for official government business with a “penalty for private use”. Pstcards,on the other hand, are cards prepared by private companies that do not have prepaid franking and readily available at commercial outlets. They are frequently illustrated with pictures or printed advertisements. They are generally not considered postal stationery.

Registered envelopes:A strong envelope with an imprinted stamp soldregistered envelope only for use with the registered mail service. Confusingly, these are usually marked Registered Letter but that term strictly only relates to a normal letter or packet that has extra postage and markings applied so that it may travel under the registered mail service.

Stamped Envelopes: The envelope form may be called a stampedstampped envelope envelope or, alternatively, a postal stationery envelope (PSE for short). In August 1852 an act of the  U.S. Congress authorized the  Postmaster General to provide “suitable letter envelopes with such watermarks or other guards against counterfeits   with the addition of the value or denomination of the postage stamps so printed or impressed thereon…”. The first result was the 1853 Nesbitt issues of stamped envelopes, named after the contractor who produced them for the government. Considering the different envelope sizes, knives , colors, dies  to print the indicia, and denominations there are literally thousands of different stamped envelopes produced for the US.

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New Stamps from Aland

Finland 100 Years

aland finland 100 years stampThe Åland stamp is designed by experienced stamp artist Juha Pykäläinen, who was born in Tampere but lives in Åland since 1989. Finding a suitable motif was a challenge, Juha confesses: To intensify their tête-à-tête, the two swans are embossed, and the sea is partly covered by silver foil. The issue in May takes place in Åland as well as at the Finlandia exhibition in Tampere, where Juha will be present to sign the issue on the stand of Åland Post Stamps.

Issue Date: 24.05.2017 Designer: Juha Pykäläinen Printer: Cartor Security PrintingSize: 35 x 35 mm Values: 5,00 €

Aland -Finland Joint Stamp Issue

aland finland joint issueThe first stamp shows a smoke sauna located at Ängösund in Lumparland. One of a series of stamps featuring Sauna traditions, the others being Sauna – Finland and a miniature sheet.

The second stamp features a typical set of sauna accessories in a sauna located in Parikkala, southern Karelia. One of a series of stamps featuring Sauna traditions, the others being Smoke sauna – Åland and a miniature sheet.

Issue Date: 24.05.2017 Designer: Joel Ebersson & Juha Kainulainen Illustrator: Malin Klingberg (photos) Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset Colours: 4 Size: 42 x 28 mm

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Portugal Issued Stamps on Traditional Desserts

portugal stampsPastéis de Tentúgal, Pastéis de Belém, Ovos-Moles de Aveiro, Queijadas de Vila Franca: these are the names of the desserts looked at in this rst adhesive issue from Correios de Portugal, paying tribute to the genius, creativity, expertise and soul of our pastry chefs and the authenticity of our desserts. They celebrate what sets us apart in an area in which Por- tugal has distinguished itself. An authentic journey through the country, these desserts form part of a legacy of recipes that allows us to discover our villages, towns and cities as something more than small black dots on the map of Portugal. A journey into the history of the dessert with humble beginnings, sweetened by honey and by the beauty of wanting to honour break-times in a frugal way of living, happy occasions within the family, within the community, but becoming the protagonist of a rich history of both modest and great circumstances where eggs and sugar are lord and master of many stages.

In this series of adhesive stamps, showing images that whet the appe- tite, we will discover not only the desserts, but also the hands that create such beautiful poetry and sing so serenely, peacefully and with such de- termination, the recipes known by heart, the rhythmic actions, conscious but involuntary, a permanent legacy of the knowledge they possess and the pleasure with which they give it. Continue reading

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Special Cover:Say No to Tobaco

special cover tobacoBy Suresh Rao

A Special Postal cover on the theme of ‘Say No to Tobacco’ was released by Shri Rajendra Kumar, Postmaster General, South Karnataka Region at Bengaluru GPO today afternoon. Dr.P.L.Nataraj, Director, Health and Family welfare, Govt. of Karnataka was the Chief Guest. Dr.Prabhakar, Joint Director (Medical), Dr.Saroja, Project Director, Dr.Sevaraj, Dy.Director were among the dignitaries.Cover No.KTK/55/2017

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