New Europa 2017 Stamps:Gibraltar

gibraltar europa stampsThe Moorish Castle is the name given to a medieval fortification in Gibraltar comprising various buildings, gates, and fortified walls, with the dominant features being the Tower of Homage and the Gate House. Part of the castle itself also housed the prison of Gibraltar until it was relocated in 2010. Its is one of Gibraltar’s most popular tourist attractions.

The Tower of Homage is clearly visible to all visitors to Gibraltar, not only because of its striking construction but also because of its dominant and strategic position. Though sometimes compared to nearby alcazars in Spain, the Moorish Castle in Gibraltar was constructed by the Marinid dynasty, making it unique in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Postal Department still Celebrating Republic Day

republic day envelopeBy  Sudhir Jain

I have received this envelope bearing seal of Bhawani Shankar Road Post Office Mumbai (Pincode 400028)  with a slogan franking “HEARTIEST GREETINGS FOR REPUBLIC DAY”.

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New Zealand will Issue Stamps on British and Irish Lions

newzealand lions fdcThe British and Irish Lions rugby Tour was first dreamt up by a couple of English cricketers by the names of Alfred Shaw and Arthur Shrewsbury. The first Tour had the team playing 19 games of Aussie rules football, but the concept soon developed and the first officially sanctioned Tour to the Southern Hemisphere was organised in 1891. It wasn’t until 1899 that a Lionsnewzealand lions stamps team was made up of players representing the four home nations of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland – a tradition that continues today.

The stamps are presented on a sheet that follows The British & Irish Lions as they tour the country. Each stamp shows a region of New Zealand where the Lions will face off against a New Zealand team, with their fans supporting them at every game. The colours of each region have been incorporated into the stamps, as has detailing representing each location. For example, Dunedin has a tartan, which is representative of its highland ancestry, Auckland’s Sky Tower rises above hibiscus flowers and Rotorua’s famous hot pools are represented by curling grey koru. Continue reading

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New UNPA Stamps

International Day of Happiness

unpa happiness day stampsEven a small Smurf can make a big difference! The Smurfs Campaign for Happiness or #SmallSmurfsBigGoals campaign is designed to promote the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and to encourage people to take action to protect the planet and promote a peaceful and just world.To celebrate the International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2017, UNPA is issuing two “Smurf” special event sheets in the denominations of US$ 1.15 and € 0,80.

Credits are given to Sony Pictures Entertainment and the UN Department of Public Information. The Smurfs images are adapted as stamps and designed by Rorie Katz of the UNPA Graphic Design team.

International Dance

unpa dance day stampsIssue Date:23rd March 2017

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Special Cover:Hydpex 2017

special cover hydpexDistrict level Philatelic exhibition Hyderabad.

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Monaco Issued Stamps on 5th Anniversary of Princess Charlene Foundation

monaco princes stampsThe stamp has a face value of 0,71€ (£0.60 or $0.75), and the other has a value of 0,85€ (£0.82 or $0.90). Both images on the stamps feature Her Serene Highness teaching children water safety and swimming.

According to the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation from a press release, “The photo on the 0,71€ face value represents a view of the “South Africa – Monaco Rugby Exchange”, which takes place as part of the Saint Devote Rugby Tournament and welcomes young South African children in Monaco. “The one on the 0,85 € face value was taken in Corsica during a Water Safety day.”

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Australia Issued Stamp on War Correspondent Charles Bean

australia charles bean stampAustralian journalist Charles Bean, once a junior reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald, landed at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915, just hours after the dawn attack.The then 36-year-old quickly won the affection of the Australian troops and, just two weeks after the landing, was recommended for a decoration for his bravery. Only a few months later, he was shot in the leg but refused to leave the peninsula, staying in Gallipoli throughout the remainder of the campaign and continually filing stories back to Australia. According to the Australian War Memorial, he filled 226 notebooks by the end of the war.

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Vatican stamps mark Pope Benedict’s birthday, Fatima apparitions

vatican pope stampVatican City has issued a stamp sheet on 16th April 2017 on the occasion of Birth day of  Pope Benedict.Designed by the artist Daniela Longo, the sheet features a drawing of Pope Francis and Pope Benedict embracing, while the actual stamps show the retired pope praying his rosary.

The stamps feature close-ups of their faces and symbols associated with them. For St. Peter, a rooster as a reminder of his denying Jesus before it crowed twice, but also two keys recalling Jesus’ words to St. Peter, “I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.” For St. Paul, the stamp shows the traditional symbols associated with him — the book and the sword.

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Special Cover Released on Kosa Fabric of Chhattisgarh

special cover kosa fabricKosa silk is obtained from an Indian silkworm – Antheraea mylitta and is a variety of Tussar silk. It is drawn out of cocoons which are especially grown on specific trees known as Arjun, Saja and Sal. Kosa silk is known for its sturdiness and is preferred to pure silk in the state of Chhattisgarh.Two places namely, Korba and Champa in Chattisgarh state of India are known for producing high quality Kosa Silk. The Kosa silk produced in “Champa” is treated as the best silk all over the world, and exported in many countries.

Date of Release:28 January 2017,Bilaspur

The Making-Drawn from cocoons specially on Arjun, Sal or Saja trees, the production of a single metre of Kosa Silk is a painstaking process and becomes even more complicated due to the rarity of the Kosa worm. As a result, a lot of times, the raw silk yarn is mixed with Cotton or Polyester. A simple kosa saree may take about three to five days to produce from yarn extraction to the weaving depending on the number of people working on it. Continue reading

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New Stamps from Austria

Birthday Party

austria birthday party stampsMany happy returns of the day! A lively birthday party is depicted on this puzzle stamp mini sheet issued by Austrian Post as part of the “comic stamp puzzle” series – a unique way of franking party invitations or your birthday greetings.

Issue Date: 10.03.2017 Designer: Dominik Gröstlinger Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V Process: Offset

60th Birthday of Falco

austria falco stampFalco was born Johann Hölzel on 19th February 1957 in Vienna. Throughout his life he had a very close relationship with his mother, Maria. The young Hans demonstrated a talent for music at an early age. At 17 he became the bass guitarist in the band “Urspannwerk” and studied briefly at Vienna?s Jazz Conservatoire. One of his idols was David Bowie, and it was because of him that Hans moved to Berlin for a year,  where he performed with various bands. Falco subsequently joined the legendary anarcho band “Drahdiwaberl”, and began singing for the first time, already developing what would later become his characteristic style. In 1980 he wrote his first song “Ganz Wien” – which was quickly banned from the radio.
In 1981 he finally got his break as a solo artist with “Kommissar”, which was also extremely successful in the charts and in clubs beyond Austria.  On 6th February 1998, Falco died in a car crash in his chosen home, the Dominican Republic.

Issue Date: 16.03.2017 Designer: Philipp Neuhaus / Bernhard Kronberger Printer: Joh. Enschedé Process: Offset Values: €0.80


One of the largest and heaviest instruments in an orchestra is the harp, which is being presented on this commemorative stamp from the “Musical Instruments ” series. It is included in the string instruments. austria harp stamp
All harps, regardless of the type of construction, share three essential elements: the soundboard, also known as the body, the neck and the strings. The approximately 1.80 metre tall column is, so to speak, the backbone, roughly forming a triangle with the body and the neck. The strings run parallel to the column. The neck is the curved upper portion of the harp – it is reminiscent of an erect snake and is often decorated with mythical figures. The tuning pegs and dials used for tuning the harp are also fitted on the neck. The body links the neck to the foot of the column, and is responsible for producing the sound. The pedals used to raise the pitch when playing are also located in the foot. Continue reading

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