New Stamps from Monaco

Opera Singers:Emma Calve

monaco opera singer stampEmma Calvé (1858–1942), a tremendous soprano, was a star before the age of stardom. She won fame in particular through the title role in Georges Bizet’s Carmen, which she performed more than a thousand times during her career. Adored throughout the world, she sang on the stage of the Monte-Carlo Opera several times.

Issue Date: 21.06.2017 Designer: Cyril DE LA PATELLIÈRE Process: 4 colours steel-engraving Colours: 4 Colours Size: 40,85 x 52 mm vertical

Opera Singer: Titta Ruffo

monaco titta ruffo stampTitta Ruffo (1877–1953) was an Italian baritone who performed at the Monte-Carlo Opera on many occasions. His first performance on the Monegasque stage was in Rossini’s The Barber of Seville in 1907. He played Figaro, one of his signature roles. Blessed with a voice of exceptional power, he sang at the official opening of the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco from a raft in the middle of the harbour.

Issue Date: 21.06.2017 Designer: Elsa CATELIN Process: 3 colours steel-engraving Colours: 3 Colours Size: 40,85 x 52 mm vertical

 150th Birth Anniversary of Arturo Toscanini

Arturo Toscanini (1867–1957) was an Italian conductor considered by hismonaco arturo stamp contemporaries and the public to be one of the greatest of his era. He made his debut at the age of 19 and worked with the world’s most prestigious operas, including La Scala in Milan and the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He conducted the New Year concert at the Monte-Carlo Opera in 1935. His public life, with an emphasis on freedom and democracy, stood in contrast with the despotism and intransigent perfectionism to which he subjected his musicians.

Issue Date: 21.06.2017 Designer: Guéorgui CHICHKINE Process: 2 colours steel-engraving Colours: 2 Colours Size: 40 x 31,77 mm horizontal

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Special Cover Released on GST

special cover gstDate of Release:1 July 2017,Patna

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New Stamps from Israel

Israeli Love Songs

israel love songs stampsThe people of Israel love to sing songs of love: love for God, love for their homeland, love for the world, love between a man and a woman. The Israel Philatelic Service has selected 12 romantic love songs from a wide range of genres and times, songs that remind everyone of wonderful moments.

Entering Jerusalam

israel entering jerusalam stampWhen WWI broke out in August 1914, the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers (Germany and Austria) against the Allied Countries (Britain, France and Russia). The Great War, as it was called at the time, lasted for more than four years and fundamentally changed world history, including the status of Eretz Israel.

When General Allenby found out that Jerusalem had been captured, he called for a ceremony that he would lead the following morning, December 11, 1917. Allenby entered the Old City on foot out of respect for the city that is holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims and the official ceremony of the surrender of Jerusalem took place on the steps of David’s Tower. Thus ended 400 hundred years of Turkish rule in Jerusalem


The 390 Jewish athletes from 17 countries who competed in the firstisrael maccabiah stamp Maccabiah, organized by Maccabi World Union, could not have guessed that today the Maccabiah would be the third largest sporting competition event in the world.

They could not have imagined that the best Jewish athletes in the world – including world champions and Olympic medalists – would take part in this Zionist project.

This year, the 20th Maccabiah will mark 50 years of the unification of Jerusalem, the beating heart of Israel. The opening ceremony, which will take place in the Teddy stadium in Jerusalem, will salute the greatest symbols of Jewish identity through the ages.

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Picture Postcards Released on Chandrashekhar Azad

picture postcardsBy M.Gulrez

India Post has released a set of six picture postcards and a cancellation on the occasion of birth anniversary of Amar Shaheed Chandra Shekhar Azad at Allahabad on 22nd July 2017. The release function was organized at ‘Amar Shaheed Chandra Shekhar Azad Park’ Allahabad.

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New Stamps from Norway

UCI Road World Championships 2017

norway cycling stampsThe Bergen region is hosting the UCI Road World Championships September 16-24.Several municipalities are sharing the event, and Bergen and Hordaland are set to show that they are prepared and ready for one of the largest championships in the world! The idea is to create a sports celebration, like Norway has done so many times before. UCI Road World Championships will include 12 events with more than 1,100 participants from 80 countries.Cycling attracts a world-wide audience, and it is estimated that approximately 300 million people will follow the TV broadcast of the championships. The organiser hopes that around 500,000 people will come in person to watch the championships in the Bergen region, which also includes Fjell, Askøy and Øygarden. The mass start will go through downtown Bergen via Loddefjord and around northern Sotra. Bergen competed with Innsbruck, Melbourne and Bogota to host the event, and the city was announced the winner in September 2014.

Issue Date: 16.06.2017 Designer: Ragnar Aalbu Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print Process: Offset

450th Anniversary of Fredrikstad

norway fredrikstad stampKing Frederik II’s city on the shores of Glomma can look back on a rich history. King Frederik II founded Fredrikstad, thus immortalising his name in Norway. After the Swedes burned down Sarpsborg during the Nordic Seven-Year War, the King gave permission for the inhabitants to rebuild the city closer to the mouth of the Glomma river. On 12 September 1567, King Frederik signed the document and Fredrikstad was established. Fredrikstad became an important part of the country’s defence, and during the Great Nordic War that started in 1700, Admiral Peter W. Tordenskjold commanded his fleet from Fredrikstad. Between 1570 and 1830, all or parts of Fredrikstad were repeatedly levelled by fires. By the last fire that ravaged the entire town in 1764, the church had burned down six times.

The abandonment of the sawmill privileges in 1860 led to the most important period of growth in Fredrikstad’s history.  Today, Fredrikstad is one of Norway’s largest cities. Østfold University College and the Norwegian Institute of Journalism are located in Fredrikstad, and the newspapers Fredriksstad Blad and Demokraten are published here as well.

The Old Town with its well-preserved fortress town attracts both locals and tourists, and is one of Fredrikstads most important sights.

Issue Date: 16.06.2017 Designer: Magnus Rakeng Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print Process: Offset Values: NOK 23

Marcus Thrane   and Eilert Sundt

Marcus Thrane  was a Norwegian teacher, publicist, journalist and political activist. He is known as the man behind the Thranite Movement, the first large political mass movement in Norway. He was born into one of the wealthiest families in Christiania, but at the age of 21 he travelled to Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain, where he became aware of socialism and the worker’s movement. These ideas would later form his life and career. In 1848, Thrane founded his first labour union in Drammen, the start of what would later be called the Thrane Movement. The next union was formed the following year in Christiania. Thranites were fighting for greater political representation for workers, who did not have the right to vote back then, as well as social and legal reforms. In addition to their pure political activities, the labour unions also rolled out a comprehensive project to educate the general public. Around 1850, the Thranite movement peaked at 30,000norway anniversaries stamps members and almost 400 local unions. Marcus Thrane was equally well received in both urban and rural regions since large parts of the country were simmering with discontent. The gap between the “haves and have-nots” was large. In 1851, Thrane was arrested on the charge of encouraging a revolt. He spent seven years in prison. When he was released, his movement had dissipated and he emigrated to the USA in 1863, where he passed away on 30 April 1890.

Eilert Sundt :Eilert Sundt, born in 1817, was a Norwegian researcher in the area of social sciences and culture. He was one of the first to study Norway’s way of life and is considered to be the father of sociology in Norway. Even through his family was poor and education was often reserved for the rich, Sundt received the top score on the entrance exam to the Latin School in 1835, and at the age of 29 he graduated with a degree in theology. At this time, he was also teaching at a prison, and it was here he met gypsies and other Romani people who lived on the periphery of Norwegian society. He became inspired to study their language and philosophy. Starting in 1848 and for the next 21 years, Eilert Sundt received a grant to study the lowest classes, but over time his work expanded to include more general studies of Norwegian life. He produced a number of works on the topics of, for example, marriage, values, the poverty of the working class, temperance and life at home in Norway. Continue reading

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India Post Launches New Philately Related Products (2)

india post photo framesIndia Post has recently put some new products for sale on epostoffice.These products are having images of stamps.Photo frames having images of cars 468 Rs each and having images of stamps on Buddha 520 Rs. Each.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Issued Stamp on World Music Day

bosnia music day stampCommemorative issue of postage stamp „World Music Day – Ph.D friar Branko Marić (Marijić)“ is a memory of the first BH ethnomusicologist who has made a great contribution in the field of BH musical arts, especially in the field of autochthonous music.

Friar Branko (Mate) Marić was born on July 27, 1896 in a picturesque village Vrdi. He graduated in Vienna for the piano teacher in 1935, and two years later, also in Vienna, he received his doctorate on the subject „Die Volksmusik Bosniens und der Herzegovina“. Continue reading

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 Latvia Issued Stamp on  European Badger

latvia animal stampBadgers are short-legged omnivores in the family Mustelidae, which also includes the otters, polecats, weasels, and wolverines. They belong to the caniform suborder of carnivoran mammals. The 11 species of badgers are grouped in three subfamilies: Melinae (Eurasian badgers), Mellivorinae (the honey badger or ratel), and Taxideinae (the American badger). The Asiatic stink badgers of the genus Mydaus were formerly included within Melinae (and thus Mustelidae), but recent genetic evidence indicates these are actually members of the skunk family, placing them in the taxonomic family Mephitidae. Continue reading

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Malta Issued Stamps on 10th Anniversary of  Canonisation of San Gorg Preca

malta stampsIssue Date: 03.06.2017

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India Post Launches New Philately Related Products (1)

india post productsIndia Post has recently put some new products for sale on epostoffice.These products are having images of stamps.Bird Feeder:1500 Rs.,Napkin holder 900 Rs and cup holders 900 Rs.

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