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Hungary Issued Stamp on 100 Years of the Postal Directorate in Debrecen

On 17 April 1920 the establishment of the Postal Directorate in Debrecen was announced in the Hungarian Royal Post and Telegram Regulations Gazette. The Directorate’s initial remit covered the postal affairs of the historic counties of Bereg, Bihar,Hajdú, Szabolcs and Szatmár. Over the 100 years there have been many changes in the areas or names of the areas under the Directorate’s control, yet its essential task has remained unaltered: the management and support of the post offices in the eastern region of Hungary.

Issue Date:16.04.2020 Designer:Designed by Barnabás Baticz (stamp label, FDC), Photograph by Eastern Hungary Regional Directorate Process:Offset Size:Size Stamp: 18 mm x 25.2 mm, Size Label: 36.25 mm x 25.2 mm

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