Showcasing Indian Postage Stamps with Yoga Postures

g p chaudharyBy Ganesh Prasad Chowdhary

In India the yoga is expertise from very ancient time and showcased in various form of physical activities. Once it was house hold practice and most popular.

The United nation Organization General Assembly declared 21st June every year as International Yoga Day in order to communicate the message to the World population the health and spiritual benefits in practicing yoga. 21st June is the day of the year with most hours of daylight the longest in the northern hemisphere (Summer Solstice -Dakshinayana) and special importance in man part of the World.

yoga stamps 1India on the celebration day (21St June 2015) depicted a colorful postage stamp and first day cover featuring the Logo of the   International Yoga Day the stamp became popular among the collectors. On this auspicious day commemorative coins of Rs 10 and Rs 100 were also released.

In 1991, a set of four stamps in multicolor print on the denomination of Rs 2, 5, 6.50 and 10 were released depicting four positions (Asana) of Yoga    Bhujangaasana, Dhanusrasana,      and Ushtrasana     Utthita Trikonaasana respectly. These stamps are rare category and costly stamps fdc

Maharshi Patanjali, compiler of Yogsutra and father of modern yoga and general principle drawn from the experience from yoga practice collection, was featured on the stamps in 2009.

China on the occasion of Indian China Yoga summit held at Gaunzhan between 17 and 19 June last year China issued stamps of 8 sets depicting the portrait of BKS Iyengar famous Yoga Guru   in various Yoga forms.

A commemorative postage stamp depicting the portrait of Paramhansa Yogadananda wasyoga stamps 5 released in 1977 on 3rd March in saffron color and issued a first day cover. Paramhansa went to west as a delegate from India to the International Congress of Religions in 1920. He spoke and gave lessons there on the ancient spiritual teachings of India and the sacred science of Kriya or Raj Yoga. He travelled in America many places and he was yoga stamps 4listened by millions on the subject and realized personal experience of God. He founded International Math in Los Anges in USA. He visited India in 1935 and he had discussions with Mahatma Gandhi about his mission.he conducted classes in the west and taught them the spiritual and cultural heritage of India  in balance living – God can be realized in the home as well in Ashrams . He wrote several books on the subject. His book “Autobiography of a Yogi” is recognized throughout the world as a spiritual classic.

Arya Samaj was founded by Dayanand Sarswati on April 7, 1875 in Bombay .The Samaj adopted ten fundamental principle to revive Vedic dharma and Arya culture is a worldyoga stamps 2 movement.Prime object of the Samaj is to deliver good everything and making the man physically strong, spiritually enlighten and social upliftment, love, justice and righteousness without any distinction in the mankind.Arya Samaj also promotes Yoga and its various form its own or through its Gurukool including Gurukool Kangri established by Swami Sardhand another Sanyasi of Arya Samaj. Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee once prime Minister of India released stamps in four set in 2000 featuring Dayand swami and his ideals.

Guru Ghasidas (1756-1850) was featured in the postage stamps in 1987 portraying him in a karma Yoga position to mark respect and honor to him. He was founder of Satnami sect of Hinduism. He did not believe in idol worship but in Karma Yoga followed the path of hard work, simplicity politeness, living with nature and good social behavior. Yoga was first started by Lord Shiva popularly known as Adi Yogi.

Stamps on Yogis,Sanyasis and Saints

yoga stamps

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  2. N.A. Mirza says:

    Very informative article that inspires to collect stamps on yoga as a theme.

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    Article of the year!

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    very good theme. Meghdoot postcards of Yoga and TB – Dots advertisement can make the collection diversified. Go ahead.

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