Canada: New Stamps on Zodiac Signs

\"canadaCanada Post will issue the final four stamps in the 12-part Signs of the Zodiac series, which began with Aries in spring 2011.As with the stamps issued in 2011 and 2012, this issue was also designed by Paprika Design of Montréal.

The stamps, each printed in the vivid colours traditionally associated with their respective sky sign, feature a layering of astrological symbolism and a highly stylized representation of each constellation. This colour scheme and adherence to the symbolic language used for ages to map the night sky is also prevalent in the Official First Day Covers. Now with all 12 covers released, collectors of the entire series will be able to form a complete horoscope wheel by placing the covers side by side in a circle.

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2 Responses to Canada: New Stamps on Zodiac Signs

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