Picture Postcards on 600 Years of Ahmedabad

By-Anil Kr. Pujara

On 26.2.10 Chief Post Master General, Gujarat Circle,Ahmedabad had issued 750 Picture Post Cards on the occasion of 600 years of Ahmedabad  with a beautiful special heritage assets cancellation on 600 years of Ahmedabad. These picture post cards were of 10 different varieties carrying pictures of 10 different Historical Assets of Ahmedabad. The back side of the Picture Post Cards carry discription of the building and its historical background. Short introduction about the Historical asset is self sufficient. \"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"

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13 Responses to Picture Postcards on 600 Years of Ahmedabad

  1. vijay modi says:

    Dear sir Mr. Pujara
    good displayed here different Historical Assets of Ahmedabad,
    I like to make correction here for beautiful pictorial cancellation.
    This CANCELLATION IS Not pictorial cancellation.

  2. anil kr pujara says:

    Dear MrModi, Thankyou very much for the correction.I am particularly thankful to you for making personal call also for this correction. There is no need for feeling sorry for the comments as we are all prone to inadvertant mistakes n subject to correction. Complete Perfection is nearly impossible. Thanks again. Please keep this spirit in future also. Respectful Regards.

  3. Nikhil Parikh says:

    Where can I buy these postcards?

  4. anil kr pujara says:

    DO YOU HAVE ANY THING TO EXCHANGE?Contact 08987263093

  5. N.A. Mirza says:

    Pujara Saheb
    I would like to exchange an error issue from Saudi Arabia. Its a commemorative on Haj that was released some years ago without the price printed on it. The price of that commemorative was two Saudi Riyals which is equivalent to almost Rs.26 today. The said error appeared in a very surprising way, i.e. no price printed on one stamp in a strip and it remained unnoticed for quite some time, was even used by the general public on envelopes with post office seals and it was not withdrawn.
    N.A. Mirza

  6. anil kr pujara says:

    Janab Mirza Sahib, If possible, can u send me the scan pl. Regards

  7. N.A. Mirza says:

    Pujara Saheb
    Sure, but pl give me time upto Sunday/Monday.


  8. N.A. Mirza says:

    October 16, 2011
    Dear Mr. Pujara:
    As promised I placed below scanned stamps.
    The first strip shows on the right the denomination SR1
    The second one shows the denomination SR1 only one stamp while on the remaining two is printed only SR and that’s the error.
    The third one as said earlier is used stamp with an error without the denomination printed. It does not have cancellation seal from the post office. This is/was common here. Post offices normally do not seal on the stamp and the same used stamp remains unused.
    I tried to post this on PhilaMirror but could not succeed because of the scanned stamps. Hene sending you on your email address.
    With my regards.
    N.A. Mirza

  9. Ramakant U.Dave says:

    Dr, Mr.Anilbhai Pujara,
    I too late even if possible i want to get these Ahmedabad picturee post cards if possible bec.I m collecting view cards.so if possible pl let me know if I can get it. I m leaving in Baroda.

  10. Dear Dave Bhai,Pl call me at 08987263093/ 09304003679.

  11. Arjun says:

    To see the best post cards for son-father relation click http://thepjbook.com/an-ad-by-paper-boat/#comment-519

  12. K Raghavendra Bhat says:

    By chance went through the subject-Picture Postcards on 600 Years of Ahmedabad.Are they still available? If yes,where I can get it.I collect post independent India stamps.Since it is very difficult to get used stamps and the mint one are sold at exorbitant rates,now busy with Postcrossing/UNESCO Card collection.So I look out for beautiful ,different postcards on our heritage sites for swap.
    By the way I was In Ahmedabad from 96 to 99.Beautiful city with nice people.
    K R Bhat

  13. Arkita says:

    Can anyone help me buy picture postcards in Ahmedabad?

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