Special Cover Released on Pudukkotai Sri Gopalakrishna

special-cover-nam-smaranKarnataka Circle of India Post released a special cover on 22.10.2016 to mark the celebrations of 125th Birth Anniversary of Pudukottai Sri Gopalakrishna Bhagavathaswamy, a bhakti saint who led thousands of common people towards the path of spirituality and dedicated his life to the spread of Namasankeerthanam far and wide across India.

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New Stamps from Switzerland

Switzerland – Dominican Republic Joint Issue

swiss-dominican-joint-issueThe two countries have had a very good economic, political and cultural relationship over the course of these 80 years.The first Swiss families settled in the Dominican Republic in the 19th century. Official bilateral relations did not begin until 1936,however,when Switzerland appointed Frederic Schaad to be its first Honorary Consul and opened a consulate in Santo Domingo. This was changed to a consulate-general in 1959, then upgraded to an embassy in 2007. For its part, the Dominican Republic opened an embassy in Berne in 1999.

Issue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Brigit Herrmann, Gümmenen Illustrator: Photography “Lacs de Fenêtre”: Michel Roggo Printer: Gutenberg AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein Process: Offset Colours: 4 Size: Stamp: 40×32.5 mm, Sheetlet: 190×162 mm (4 rows of 4 stamps, 2 motifs on one sheetlet) Values: CHF 1.00

Pro Juventute 2016 – Schooldays

swiss-schooldays-stampsPro Juventute is launching a new series of stamps on the theme of schooldays with a pair of motifs: Learning and playing, or blackboard and playground, that is to say Pythagoras and hopscotch.

Issue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Christian Kitzmüller, Bülach Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Haarlem Process: Offset Colours: 4 Size: Stamp: 33×28 mm Sheetlet: 82×198 mm (5 rows of 2 stamps), Stamp booklet: 254×62 mm (open), 86×62mm (folded) Values: CGF 1.25, CHF 1.50


Sound experiments in an automobile test lab marked the birth of the band Yello in 1979, and albums like “Stella” revolutionized electronic music in theswiss-yelllo-stamp early eighties. Worldwide hits including “The Race”, “Oh Yeah” and “Bostich” garnered the musical duo Dieter Meier and Boris Blank major chart successes in the USA, Ger- many, UK and Switzerland. In 1997 the pair received the Art Prize of the City of Zurich, and in 2014 they were presented with the German Echo Lifetime Achieve- ment Award to honour their 35 years in the business. Boris Blank is the duo’s sound architect. Using sophisticated sampling techniques, he builds up soundscapes that form the backdrop for Dieter Meier’s unmistakable voice and constantly surprise listeners.

Issue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Yello, Zurich Printer: Cartor Security Printing, La Loupe, France Process: Offset Colours: 4 Size: Stamp: 33 x 28 mm, Sheetlet: 194 x 140 mm (4 rows of 5) Values: CHF 1.00

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Indian Themes on Foreign Stamps:Croatia

Proclamation of Mother Theresa as a Saint

croatia-mother-teresa-stampAgnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was born on 27 August 1910 in Skopje in Albanian family. Through Croatian catholic tradition, under the spiritual leadership of the father Franjo Jambreković, Jesuit pastor of the Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus in Skopje and in contact with Jesuit reports from India already at the age of 12 starts thinking about serving God in Bengal. She brings her final decision about her vocation on the day of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1928 in front of the black Mary’s figure in Letnica, Croatian enclave in Kosovo, whereupon she travels with her mother and sister to Zagreb where she prepares to go overseas; she leaves Croatian metropole on 13. October and she – who will become the mother of the world – takes leave of her earthy mother at the main Railway Station in Zagreb, whom she will never see again. This farewell is one of the most soul-stirring spiritual farewells in the last century. The way to Calcutta led over Dublin and Colombo; she finished the novitiate of Our Lady of Loreto in Darjeeling, she took her first wows in 1931 as the Sister Teresa of the Child Jesus and her final Profession of Wows in 1937. Continue reading

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New Stamps from Finland

Red Cottage

finland-red-cottage-stampA red cottage for international winter greetings! A traditional red cottage in a snowy landscape appears in a 1.30 euro international no-value indicator stamp. It can be used for letters and cards up to 20 g in items sent from Finland to abroad.

Issue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Paula Salviander

Wooden Pauper Tradition

finland-stampsThe themes of the Pauper tradition stamps are the pauperess of Soini and the paupers of Alajärvi and Hauho. Stamps depicting the churches of these localities will also be published in a miniature sheet consisting of six stamps. The stamps have been designed by Anssi Kähärä. A pauper is a painted wooden sculpture attached to the church wall, with a slot in the chest for donating money. They already acted as pioneers of basic service before the development of the social security system and the oldest of them date from the 17th century. Paupers were popular attractions in their localities.

Issue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Anssi Kähärä

Christmas 2016

finland-christmas-stampsIssue Date: 10.11.2016 Designer: Sari Airola, Sini Ezer

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India Post Issued Stamp on All India Institute of Medical Science 

aiims-stampIndia Post has released a commemorative postage stamp on All India Institute of Medical Science  on 3rd December 2016.Denomination is 5 Rs.

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Special Cover Released on INS Chennai

special-cover-ins-chennaiThis special cover was issued by Maharashtra Circle on 21.11.2016 on commissioning of INS Chennai. INS Chennai is the largest-ever warship to be built in India. Built at the Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd in Mumbai, the ship’s construction also marks the end of the Project 15A to build Kolkata-class guided missile destroyers. Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Sunil Lanba, was also present on the occasion. “The ship is equipped with a decoy that can divert a missile attack. Nearly 60% of the ship was built at Mazagon Dock, while weapons and sensors were brought from Israel and Russia. Destroyers are second only to aircraft carriers in projecting raw combat power,” said an official. Continue reading

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New Stamps from Estonia

Art Museum

estonia-art-museum-stampValve Janov (1921-2003) who in the second half of the 1940s belonged to the progressive-minded young artists studying at the Tartu State Art Institute was one of the first in Estonia who dared to experiment with abstract art. She made her first abstract works as early as in 1958. When the authorities closed down the exhibition in 1960, Janov’s favourite motive became the turbot whose patterned back made it possible for the artist to continue dedicating to shimmering colour and form. “Fish above Karlova” (1960) is Janov’s most fascinating work in which the artist has a view of Karlova and has added to it a dreamy collage fish in the collage technique. It was in that part of Tartu where most of the circle of friends lived and worked there and often their experimental works have been also called Karlova vanguard.

Issue Date: 17.11.2016 Designer: Lembit Lõhmus Printer: AS Vaba Maa Process: Offset Size: 37,0 x 30,0 mm Values: €0.65

Baltic Assembly 25

estonia-baltic-assembly-stampThe Baltic Assembly is an international organisation established in Tallinn on 8 November 1991 to coordinate parliamentary cooperation among the Baltic States, discuss matters and projects of common interest, address shared problems, and express joint positions. Through mutual support and interaction, the Baltic Assembly promoted the consolidation of independence, the integration into the European Union and NATO, and facilitates the solution of political, social, environmental and economic problems of the Baltic States.

Issue Date: 08.11.2016 Designer: Indrek Ilves Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset Size: 80 x 65 mm Values: 1.40€

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Aland Issued Stamps on Roosters

aland-roosters-stampsMiniature sheet with 2 stamps and 2 motifs. The miniature sheet is issued in time for the 2017 Year of the Rooster and is one in a series following the Chinese zodiac.

Issue Date: 11.11.2016 Designer: Martin Mörck Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset + PMS Gold Colours: 4 Size: Size of stamps: 40 x 52 mm, Size of sheet: 170 x 95 mm Values: €2

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My Stamp Released on 15 Years of Indian School of Business Pune


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New Stamps from Austria

Air Police

austria-air-police-stamp Austria’s Air Police is celebrating its 60th anniversary. After the signing of the Austrian State Treaty in 1955, the ban on ying was lifted and it was possible to establish the Air Police Department in the Federal Ministry for the Interior. In the beginning the focus was on rescue operations. Having started opera- tions from 1956 using aeroplanes, from the start of the 1960s use was increasingly made of helicopters. In 2001 responsibility for the air rescue and ambulance ights was transferred from the Federal Ministry for the Interior to a private air rescue association. Starting with rescue operations in the alpine area, within two decades so-called ight deployment sites had been set up throughout the whole of Austria, with crews and helicopters not only being used for rescue and assistance operations, but also to help uphold the law and maintain peace and security.

The design of the commemorative stamp shows the same image that was depicted on the title page of the brochure celebrating the anniversary, “Flugpolizei in Öster- reich – einst und jetzt”. Graphic designer Mag. Robert Sabolovic and photographer and member of staff of the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and the Economy Mag.

Issue Date: 16.11.2016 Designer: Robert Sabolovic/Stefanie Grüssl Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V. Process: Offset Size: 35 x 35 mm Values: €1.70

Christmas Comic Stamps Jigsaw

austria-christmas-comic-stampsIssue Date: 11.11.2016 Designer: Dominik Gröstlinger Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B. V. Process: Offset Colours: 4 Colours Size: 100 x 100 mm (Block Size) Values: 2.96

Christmas 2016 – Bauble

austria-christmas-bauble-stampA classic form of decoration for the Christmas tree is the bauble made of glass, or nowadays frequently made from less breakable plastic. The spherical shape of this kind of tree decoration is probably due to the fact that Christmas trees were originally mostly decorated with apples, nuts and delicate pastries – which, at that time, was an extravagant luxury for many people. When it comes to the colour, shape or decoration, nowadays there are no limits to what the imagination can produce. The design for the Christmas stamp shows a classically shaped Christmas bauble in the characteristic red of Christmas. A graphically reduced, pictogram style presentation, which uses a clear language of imagery to ll the shape of a classic Christmas bauble with meaning: the memories, wishes and traditions that we associate with Christmas. A particularly eye-catching feature is the stamp’s denomination, which also forms the loop for hanging up the Christmas bauble. This modern Christmas stamp was designed by renowned designer Anita Kern.

Issue Date: 11.11.2016 Designer: Anita Kern Printer: Cartor Security Printing Process: Offset Size: 32.59 x 40 mm Values: €0.80

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