New Army Postal Service Cover’s

aps covers 21.Standard Presentation:Armoured Corps  Centre and School

2.Golden Jubilee of 11th Battallion The Garhwal Rifles

3.Golden Jubilee of 1851 Light  Regiment

4.Platinum Jubilee of Central Ammunition Depot,Pulgaon

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New Spanish Stamps

Monuments of Oviedo and kingdom of Asturias

spain world heritage stampsIn 1985, Unesco decided to include as a World Heritage Site Santa María del Naranco, San Miguel de Lillo and Santa Cristina de Lena. Thirteen years later, in 1998, the enrolment was extended to San Julián de los Prados, Cámara Santa de Oviedo and Foncalada.

The main monuments of Oviedo and the Kingdom of Asturias began to be built at the beginning of the 8th century and throughout the 9th century. In the first moments of consolidation of the Asturias kingdom, the capital moved from Cangas de Onís to Oviedo and with it is settled the Asturian monarchy.

The stamp that is issued, has a round shape and represents the front of the two-euro coin that is put into circulation this year. The image that collects the coin, is one of the most emblematic buildings of this set that is part of the exclusive list of World Heritage, the palace of Santa Maria del Naranco, located four kilometers from Oviedo, on the hillside South of Monte Naranco. Originally not projected as a church, it was the Aula Regia of the palace complex that King Ramiro I had built on the outskirts of the capital of the kingdom of Asturias.

Issue Date: 16.05.2017 Process: Offset Size: Circular 32 mm, Minisheet: 150 x 104.5 mm Values: 5€

Birth Centenary of Camilo J. Cela

spain camilo stampOn 11 May 1916 he was born in Iria Flavia, province of La Coruña, the first child of the marriage of Cela Trulock who was baptized with the names of Camilo José Manuel Juan Ramón Francisco de Jerónimo.

He began his literary production and left us great works such as Treading the dubious light of the day, Pascual Duarte’s family, Journey to the Alcarria or the unforgettable La Colmena, which due to censorship in our country, was first published in Argentina.But Camilo José Cela was not only a writer, as his son tells, he was also a bullfighter, actor, artist, bibliophile, editor and even honorary postman.

Camilo José Cela reaped great achievements and recognition, obtaining the most important awards that are awarded in this area. In 1987 he was recognized with the Prince of Asturias Award for Letters. Two years later, he received a Nobel Prize in Literature, and after the Planeta Prize in 1994, he was awarded the Cervantes Prize one year later.

Issue Date: 15.09.2017 Process: Chalcography Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm Values: 1.35€

MCCLV Anniversary of the Battle of Victory

On the first Friday of May, each year, the city of Jaca celebrates an ancestral feast, commemorating the battle of the Llanos de la Victoria, which took placespain mcclv stamp around 760 and which confronted Moors and Christians. Like every festivity that remembers the past, it has its part of legend and its part of reality.

The story tells that more than 90,000 Moors arrived at the gates of Jaca with the intention of conquering the city. At the command of the same, was Count Aznar Galindez who managed to gather the people and encourage them to fight against the enemy. As the invading army was much more numerous than the Jacetanos, they were about to surrender when the women of the place decided to go out on the street armed with kitchen utensils and join their husbands, parents and brothers, succeeding in defeating the enemy.  Continue reading

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India Post Issued Stamp on 3 Kumaon Rifles

3 kumaon fdc3 kumaon rifles stampIndia Post has issued a commemorative postage stamp on 3 Kumaon Rifles on 23rd October 2017. Regimental Centre: Ranikhet, Uttaranchal.

Regimental Insignia: A demi-rampant lion holding a cross. The demi-rampant lion is part of the arms of the Russel family, whose ancestor had started the body of troops now formed into the Kumaon Regiment.

Motto: Prakramo Vijayate (Valour Triumphs).

Battle Honours: Srinagar (Badgam), Rezangla, Gadra City, Bhaduria, Daudkandi, Sanjoi Mirpur and Shamsher Nagar. Continue reading

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Monaco Issued Stamp on Armand Lunel

monaco lunel stampArmand Lunel was a  French writer who was born in 1892 in Aix-en-Provence and died in 1977 in Monaco, Armand Lunel passed the philosophy high-level competitive examination for teachers in 1924. He was appointed as a teacher at the Lycée in Monaco in 1920, where he spent his entire career. He emerged on the literary scene in 1924 and won the Renaudot prize in 1926 for his novel Nicolo-Peccavi ou l’Affaire Dreyfus à Carpentras (Nicolo-Peccavi or the Dreyfus Affair in Carpentras). Lunel was mobilised in 1939 and discharged by the Vichy government in 1940. It was thanks to the personal protection of Prince Louis II that the family of Armand Lunel and several other Jewish families living in the Principality managed to escape being rounded up and deported.

Issue Date:18.09.2017 Designer:Claude ANDREOTTO Process:3 colors steel-engraving Colours:3 Colours Size:40 x 31.77 mm horizontal

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New Stamps from France

Hello Maestro

france hello maestro stampThe stamp depicts Hello Maestro as the central character in the series “Il était une fois…” which looks like dusting off like the series “Il était une fois la vie”, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and has been completely remastered . He is accompanied by 2 characters Nabot and Globus

Issue Date:25.09.2017 Designer:Agence Absimte Process:Heliogravure Size:40.85 x 30 mm Values:0.73€

Nadia Boulanger

france nadia stampNadia Boulanger (1887 – 1979) was a Pedagogue, pianist, choir organist, conductor and composer.

Issue Date:18.09.2017 Designer:Florence Gendre :Taille Douce Size:25 x 36 mm Values:0.85€

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Indian Theme on Foreign Stamps :Pakistan

By M.Gulrez

Bicenteary of Sir Syed Ahamad Khan

syed ahmed khan stamps pakistanPakistan post has released a stamp and MS on Sir Syed Ahamad Khan on his bicentenary birth celebrations on 17.10.2017

syed ahmed khan stampsSir syed Ahamad Khan, one of the architects of  modern India was born on October 17, 1817 in Delhi and started his career as a civil servant.  The 1857 revolt was one of the turning points in Syed Ahmed’s life. He clearly foresaw the imperative need for the Muslims to acquire proficiency in the English language and modern sciences, if the community were to maintain its social and political clout, particularly in Northern India.

He was one of those early pioneers who recognized the critical role of education in the empowerment of the poor and backward Muslim community. In more than one ways, Sir Syed was one of the greatest social reformers and a great national builder of modern India. He began to prepare the road map for the formation of a Muslim University by starting various schools. He instituted Scientific Society in 1863 to instill a scientific temperament into the Muslims and to make the Western knowledge available to Indians in their own language.

Special Cover Released by India Post on Sir Syed Ahamad Khan

specialcover aligarh

By Rahul Ganguli

Secretary Prayag Philatelic Society Allahabad

Born on Oct 17th 1817, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founder of the Aligarh Muslim University was not only an educationist, historian, author and jurist but an extraordinary reformer, secular nationalist and one of the most important architects of modern India.Aligarh Muslim University is a Central University established in 1920 which offers more than 300 courses in both traditional and modern branches of education.

The University headed by Prof. Tariq Mansoor as the Vice-Chancellor has witnessed tremendous all around growth in every domain with a vision. It aspires to become a university with future-ready learners who lead, serve and achieve.The special cover was released by the Vice Chancellor alongwith the SSP of Agra Region. Other dignitaries on the dias were the Director of Sir Syed Ahmad Foundation, Major S.M.Mustafa(retd), Member of AMU Court, Aligarh and Principal of SSSHS.

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New Stamps from Korea

By Wolfgang Beyer

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

PrintKorea post will issue 2 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage stamps on 27th October 2017.

  1. Namsadag – Deolmi 2. Namsadang – Pungmul

Pyeongchang 2018

korea winter olympic stampsCommemorating The Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018 Korea is issuing a set of 20 stamps .The stamps depicts 3226 ski jumping center,3227 mascot suhorang,3228 emblem,3229 alpine skiing 1,3230 biathlon,3231 bobleigh,3232 cross country skiing,3233 curling,3234 figure skating,3235 freestyle skiing,3236 olympic stadium,3237 mascot suhorang 2,3238 ice hockey,3239 luge,3240 nordic combined,3241 short track,skeleton,3243 ski jumping,3244 snow board,3245 speed skating.

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Jersey Issued Stamps on 100 Years of the Jersey Beekeepers Association

jersey beekeepers stampsHoney scented stamps celebrate 100 years of the Jersey Beekeepers Association. Celebrating its centenary this year, the Jersey Beekeepers Association was founded in 1917 during the First World War by the Société Jersiaise to promote the craft of beekeeping in Jersey. The Association’s history was particularly turbulent during the occupation years 1940-1945 where the honey produced was keenly sought after by occupying troops and locals alike, and subsequently was both requisitioned and hidden. Continue reading

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Special Cover Released on Indian Building Congress

special cover building congressBy Anil Kr Pujara

Date of Release:17 October 2017,New Delhi

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New Stamps from Kyrgyzstan

75th Anniversary of the Kyrgyz State Opera and Ballet Theatre

kyrgyz opera stampsDate of Issue:16 August 2017

National Horse Games At Chabysh

kyrgyz horses stampsDate of Issue:16 August 2017

UNESCO World Heritage Protected Areas

kyrgyz unesco heritage stampsDate of Issue:16 August 2017

Bicentenary  of Baitik Baatyr

kyrgyzstan baltic stampDate of Issue:16 August 2017

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