Permanent Pictorial Cancellation: Vellore Fort

pictorial cancellation vellore fortDate of Issue:3rd March 2017

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New Spanish Stamps

Humanitarian Aviation

spain aviation stampFor 50 years, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) provides emergency food assistance and works to improve nutrition in those areas that need it the most.It serves about 80 million people in more than 80 countries, through the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service, delivering aid, both material and above all persons, to remote, dangerous and difficult access places for other transport. Also, it is responsible for providing support in emergency situations, caused by war or natural catastrophes, even by directly delivering supplies from the air.The stamp that Correos dedicates to this organization, shows a plane on an arid terrain. The propellers of the plane are formed by an ear of corn and an ear of wheat as symbol of that much needed help.Next to the plane, you can see two bags with the logo of the World Food Program.

Issue Date: 16.04.2017 Process: Offset Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm Values: 1.35 €

Spanish cinema : Malaga Film Festival

The Malaga Film Festival has been awarding and upholding Spanish cinemaspain malaga film festival stamp since 1998. Little by little, it has become a benchmark in film festivals around the world, bringing together every year actors from the field of interpretation and other professionals of the sector.

The award-winning categories receive as a prize a reproduction of a typical Malaga flower symbol of the city, the biznaga, a bouquet of jasmines in the form of a ball, elaborated in a meticulous way, that is usually sold through the streets of Malaga, especially in the months of Summer, leaving behind an unmistakable and unforgettable smell. The design of the stamp shows a anchovy, a fish closely linked to the city of Malaga, emerging from a can containing a film, on a few strokes in blue tones that simulate the sea.The issue also presents an illustration of a film camera that projects a beam of light represented by the famous “Farola” of Malaga, the lighthouse that guides the ships that arrive to its bay.

Issue Date: 16.04.2017 Process: Offset Size: 33.2 x 49.8 mm Values: 0.60€


spain museumes stampsThe National Museum of Underwater Archeology of Cartagena, the Center Pompidou of Malaga, the Museum of La Rioja, each make up three new stamps, which form three new issue, one for each of the museums. Each sheet contains 12 stamps.

National Museum of Underwater Archeology of Cartagena: was created in 1980 with the purpose of coordinating and directing the studies and treatments of the materials of submarine origin. The new headquarters of the Museum was inaugurated on November 26, 2008, by the prestigious architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra on the quay of Alfonso XII in the city of Cartagena. It preserves archaeological materials related to maritime traffic in the Mediterranean, from Phoenician times, through the Punic, Hellenistic and Roman world. Continue reading

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Special Cover: Kumbabishekam at Temple of Lord Shiva

special cover kumbabishekamIssue Date :6 February 2017,Tiruvannamalai , Tamilnadu

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New Stamps from Spain

Graphic Humour: Quino

spain quino stampThis stamp sheet is dedicated to the genius Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, better known as Quino.This new issue, includes a series of illustrations of different characters of Mafalda, his most international work. Manolito, Felipe or Libertad, along with the parents of the protagonist among others, surround the stamp. On top of it, an illustration of Quino himself seems to look with pride on the stamp that is dedicated to him, in which one can see the famous Mafalda in an image remembered by all, contemplating the world.

Quino always knew that what he wanted to do was draw. After starting his studies at the School of Fine Arts, he realized that rather than painting amphoras and still lifes, what he really wanted to do was dedicate himself to graphic humor. And that he did. In 1954 he published his first page in the weekly This is Buenos Aires.In 1963 he published his first humor book, Mundo Quino, where he collected cartoons of mute graphic humor.

Issue Date: 16.04.2017 Size: 39.6 x 39.6 mm Values: 3.15 €

12 Months 12 Stamps : Caceres

spain cc stampFollowing with the series 12 months, 12 stamps, Spain dedicates in this occasion a new emission to the province of Cáceres. The stamp represents the letters CC, recalling the old license plates of vehicles and, within these letters, reproduce some of the most emblematic symbols of this place. The paprika of the Vera, one of the most famous condiments of our country, used in hundreds of recipes and that provides a very characteristic flavor. The paprika is a product with Denomination of Origin and is the result of the grinding of red peppers.The Wild Cat is very similar to a domestic cat, although its appearance is larger and has a larger size, with broad head and short muzzle. It is a great hunter of rodents, small birds and, above all, mice.The flower of the Jara is a precious species of white that is born in a typical shrub of the zone. Its branches are reddish and very fragrant.

At the bottom of the stamp we can see the roofs of the city of Trujillo, emblematic city of Spain in which great figures were born as Francisco Pizarro or the conqueror Francisco de Orellana. Its streets contain Roman and medieval vestiges. The lower strip of the stamp shows a red strip in allusion to the color of the flag of the province on which the name of the same is written.

Issue Date: 16.04.2017 Process: Offset Size: 35 x 24.5 mm Values: Tarifa A

Charming Towns

spain charming towns stampsThe towns chosen are: Aínsa, Calatayud, Lastres and Ureña.

Aínsa, in the province of Huesca, was declared Historic-Artistic Ensemble in 1965. Strolling through its streets is a delight that takes you to the Middle Ages. Its castle, the wall with its doors, the Plaza Mayor or the church of Santa Maria that dates from the XII century and that was declared a National Monument, make of this locality a desired destination to disconnect from the world. The stamp shows the image of the Plaza Mayor with its typical facades and the tower of the Collegiate church in the background. Continue reading

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Pictorial Postmark:Adi Yogi

adiyogi postmarkThis postmark was released on 24th February 2017 during Maha Shivratri function from Ishana Vihar post office, Coimbatore.

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New Stamps from Norway

Bicentenary of National Archives

norway national archives stampThe National Archives is celebrating 200 years of gathering national treasures that show us how life in Norway has been. In addition to the Central Office in Oslo, the National Archives also includes eight regional state archives, the Norwegian Health Archives and the Sámi Archives. Today, our collective national memory consists of shelves that cover more than 260 km and are overflowing with our history. Some of the most recent material of significance that the National Archives has stored for posterity is related to the tragic events that unfolded on 22 July 2011, in particular material that captures the reactions of children.

Issue Date: 21.04.2017 Designer: Jørn O. Jøntvedt Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print Process: Offset Values: NOK 36

150th Anniversary of the Tune Viking Ship Finds

norway viking ship stamps150 years have passed since the first Viking ship was excavated in Norway. Archaeologist Oluf Rygh excavated the Tune ship in only 14 days from the ship burial mound in Tune. Archaeologist Even Ballangrud Andersen describes the ship: “The ship is made from clinkered oak planks, a style that was common to the Nordics. Its mast was placed just behind midship and both stern posts were raised. A special chamber had been built for the man interred in the ship and all of his burial gifts and weaponry.”By analysing the growth rings, the ship was dated to between 905 and 910 A. D. After the ship was excavated in 1867, it was placed on a barge and sent to Fredrikstad before continuing on to Christiania. After many years in poor storage, it was moved in 1930 to its permanent home at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Later research has concluded that the ship most likely had twelve strakes and was a fast warship used to quickly transport people.

Issue Date: 21.04.2017 Designer: Kristin Granli Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print Process: Offset Values: A Domestic x 2

Europa 2017

norway europa stampsIn Norway, the King’s residence is normally just called “the Palace”. The architect was H. D. F. Linstow and the foundation was laid in 1825. However, it was not until November 1905, after King Haakon VII, Queen Maud and Crown Prince Olav moved in, that it become the permanent residence of the Royal Family. Since then, with the exception of periods of Norway’s occupation during WWII when Vidkun Quisling used it as offices and the period after the death of King Olav V, when it was being renovated, the palace has served as the Royal Family’s residence. Continue reading

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New Special Cover’s from Haryana

Folk Dance of Haryana

special cover folk danceDate of Release:25 March 2017,Rohtak

Tilyar Lake

special cover tilyar lakeTilyar Lake is situated 42 Kms from Delhi Border / 55 Kms from Peeragarhi Chowk Delhi , Tilyar Lake is located in Rohtak District of Haryana, Tilyar Lake is spread in 132 acres of area. The Tilyar lake forms a perfect green belt in surroundings area, Lake is located close to Rohtak town.Date of Release:24 March 2017,Rohtak

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Poland:Pictorial Postmark on Owl

poland owl postmarkBy Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ArGe Zoologie

This postmark will be released on 9th June 2017  in Police 1 (Poland).The postmark is featuring a Long-eared owl(Asio otus).

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South Africa Issued Stamps on Bee eaters

south africa bee eater stampsThe South African Post Office released a set of five stamps celebrating bee-eaters on 18th May 2017. The photographs of the bee-eaters were taken by Chris van Rooyen. Bee-eaters are some of Southern Africa’s most beautiful and interesting birds. The stamps feature the little bee-eater, Southern carmine bee-eater, swallowtail bee-eater, the European bee-eater and the white-fronted bee-eater.

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USPS will Released Forever Stamps on  Sports Balls

usps sports balls stampsThe United States Postal Service will soon release new Sport   ball stamps.Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and kickball will join golf in the series. While the new releases may look like ordinary stamps, the cool thing about them is that they will also feel like the specific type of ball, meaning the golf ball stamp would actually feel as though you were touching the ridges and dimples on an actual golf ball. Pretty sweet, right? The way that these stamps are able to feel like the real thing is due to a special coating that is applied to them during the stamp-printing process.

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