New Stamps Released from Spain

Tourism 2018

One more year, Spain scores spectacular results in terms of the number of visitors in the country. The figures speak of 80 million tourists and more than 84 million euros. No wonder, this country is a perfect tourist place that brings together all the elements that make it the ideal destination to spend a few days of rest. The Filatélica Tourism series, emits two new stamps that summarize with an image many of the greatnesses of this country.

The chancla reminds us of that sun and coast tourism. The more than 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, are the ideal claim for the thousands of tourists who come to Spain, looking for the quality of our waters and almost 6,000 kilometers of beach.

Issue Date:16.01.2018 Process:Offset Size:35 x 24.5 mm Values:1.35 € y 1.45 €

Ephemerides: Madrid Protocol on Antarctica 1998-2018

In 1991, the Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty on Environmental Protection was signed in Madrid. This treaty was born to reinforce the Antarctic Treaty System and the need to increase the protection of the environment on the other side of the world. In this agreement, it is established that Antarctica is considered a natural reserve “dedicated to peace and science”. Seven years later, on January 14, 1998, it would enter into force for the 28 countries that had signed it and, over the years, until 2015, it has been ratified by nine other countries. Its main purpose is to protect this part of the world above all things, for its environmental value and also, its value as an area to conduct scientific research and thus better understand the global environment.

Issue Date:16.01.2018 Process:Offset Size:40.9 x 28.8 mm Values:1.45 €

Festes de Sant Antoni, Artà, Illes Balears

Like every year, every January 17, many corners of Mallorca are dyed red to celebrate Sant Antoni. The music, the torradas, the parades, the correfocs and the traditional beneïdes (blessings) of animals, are the main acts that can be found in different towns of the Island. There are many people who are happy to celebrate this party, but they stand out the festivities of the locality Artà, for its popular and traditional character. On the eve of Sant Antoni, on the 16th of January with the dawn, the town rises with the “es Berenar”, a traditional lunch based on chocolate and ensaimadas at the Obrer Major’s house. Then begins the parades of the musicians accompanied by the typical demons, which symbolize the evil and temptations of man. In the afternoon, the people prepare to read fragments of the life of San Antonio and sing songs like “Lo Elogi”. When night falls, the fires are lit and in the heat of the flames and the dazzle of the fire, people begin to sing “the Glosses”. Some of these traditional Mallorcan songs of the night of Sant Antoni, have a marked erotic look and are accompanied by the serious notes of the zambomba. On the big day, January 17, the procession and the traditional blessings of animals are celebrated. After the solemn mass, we read “s’Argument”, satirical composition that summarizes the most important events of the previous year. The seal that is issued, and that will leave a permanent record of this tradition, collects an image of the demons escorting the saint, thus symbolizing the numerous temptations to which this saintly anchorite was subjected. This issue corresponds to the series “Popular Festivities”, which aims to capture so many and so spectacular festivals and traditions that are celebrated in every corner of our country.

Issue Date:16.01.2018 Process:Offset Size:28.8 x 40.9 mm Values:Tarifa A

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