February 2018 Stamp Issues of Israel

50 Years of Yotvata Hai-Bar

A public association called Hai-Bar was founded in the 1960’s under the patronage of the Nature Parks Authority and managed by Avraham Yaffe and Uri Tson The association’s objective was to restore wildlife species which had become extinct in Israel and repopulate endangered species

50 Years of Israel Television

The IDF parade in Jerusalem on May 1968, Israel’s 20th Independence Day, was selected to be the first broadcast .

The stamp features the logos of various television shows: Amud Ha’Esh, Sammy and Susu, Nikui Rosh, Mabat La’Hadashot, Psuko Shel Yom; the tab features (from right to left) program logos that were designed based on the Mabat La’Hadashot logo: Yoman Ha’Shavua, Moked, Mabat, Mabat Sport, Mabat Sheni. Corporation.

70 Years of Ha’Chizbarton

“The Chizbatron Troupe was established from within the Palmach during Israel’s War of Independence and accompanied the paupers’ army that arose from the underground organizations to face intense war”, poet Haim Gouri.

70 Years of The Gevatron

The Gevatron Chorus was founded in 1948 by a group of young people from Kibbutz Kvutzat Geva in the Jezreel Valley to perform at the dedication ceremony for a new basketball court. On Independence Day 2007, the Gevatron was awarded the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement and contribution to the State of Israel.

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