Magh Mela Commemorative Covers Created by Sangam Philatelic Club

Covers Cancelled from  Magh Mela Temporary Post Office

By M.Gulrez

Month of January also known as Magh as per Hindi calendar brings only to the city of Allahabad in the whole of India – a unique Hindu perva- the Magh mela. Rishi Munis from the  times of Muni Bharadwaj come to this holy city , stay here for one month and observe “kalpvas” which traditionally starts from the first bathing day of Paush Purnima and ends with last bathing day of Maghi Purnima. During the “Kalpvas” lakes of Sadhus & sants stay at the banks of Sangam  giving the appearance that a city of tents is created.

The other important bathing days are Maker Sankranti, Mauni Amavasya,Basant Panchmi and Mahashivaratri.  Most important feature of this Magh mela is that every 6 years it is observed as Ardha Kumbh and every 12 years it is observed as  Purna  Kumbh. However, Kumbh is also observed in 3 other different cities of India at Haridwar,Nasik & Ujjain.

Department of Post specially created a temporary post office for the duration of Magh mela for the convenience of those visting this historic religious event. Sangam Philately Club has brought out 6 commercially used  commemorative covers on all the special bathing days,registered  from the specially created temporary post office on the occasion of this just concluded  event.

This years Magh mela has a very special significance  in its own way as after 19  years two Purnima have happened in a single Calendar month,i.e. on the 2nd & the 31st of January as well as there was a lunar eclipse on the Maghi Purnima day.

These covers are designed by Mr. Ashok Mittal, a well known philatelist and conceived by M. Gulrez , secretary of SANGAM PHILATELIC CLUB of Allahabad.

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