Canada Issued Stamps on Black History Month

Canada will issue two stamps on Kathleen (Kay) Livingstone and Lincoln M. Alexander on 1st February 2018 to commemorate Black History Month.

Kathleen (Kay) Livingstone : The stamp on this elegant collectible features a black and white portrait of Livingstone. A gold metallic glow pays tribute to the prominent humanitarian’s visionary influence. The stamp is being issued on the centenary of Livingstone’s birth. Livingstone devoted her life to the empowerment of Black women. After founding the Canadian Negro Women’s Association in the 1950s, she led an effort to award scholarships to promising Black students. Shortly before her sudden death in 1975, Livingstone launched the Congress of Black Women of Canada, an organization dedicated to the welfare of Black women and their families. The stamp is cancelled in London Ontario with a stylized image of a radio transmission tower to celebrate Livingstone’s career in broadcasting.

Lincoln M. Alexander:The stamp on this elegant collectible features a black and white portrait of Alexander in profile. A gold metallic glow pays tribute to Alexander’s visionary influence. A leader in the fight for racial equality and a champion of justice, education and heritage, Alexander was invested into the Order of Ontario and the Order of Canada. He achieved several notable firsts, becoming the first Black Canadian to be elected to the House of Commons, the first appointed to federal Cabinet and the first named to a viceregal position, serving as Lieutenant Governor of Ontario between 1985 and 1991.


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