New Stamps Released from China

Paper Cutting Art of North China

China Post issued a set of four postage stamps on 24th January 2018 showing various styles of paper cutting from northern China. Each bears a face price of 1.2 yuan (18.7 U.S. cents). (Photo provided to China Daily)

Two stamps demonstrate paper-cutting techniques from Xinjiang county in Shanxi province and Yuxian county in Hebei province respectively, both of which favor motifs borrowed from time-honored local operas.A third stamp shows the scissor art of Heling’er county in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region that portrays everyday life on the grasslands.

The fourth stamp depicts a type of paper-cutting found in Xunyi county in Shaanxi province, which is often drawn from folk tales and boasts a vibrant palette combined with imaginative patterns and auspicious motifs.

Beijing 2022 Olympic Games

China Post issues two limited edition stamps on December 31, 2017 to commemorate the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Each stamp has a face value of 1.2 yuan (about 18 US cents). The design of the stamps shows the emblems of the two competitions.

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