Indian Theme on Foreign Stamps: Ireland

Shah Jahan

Ireland Issued a postage stamp on Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan on   19th  January 2018.The stamp is a part of a set issued on the occasion of 50th death anniversary of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty, art collector and public benefactor.The stamps and MS is designed by  Zinc Design Consultants and lithographed by Cartor.

The occasion of the 50th anniversary of Beatty’s death was marked with the unveiling of four new stamps featuring highlights from different aspects of the collection.

The first representing the East Asian collection was a privately commissioned Japanese woodblock print from the 19th century. The second was a portrait of Shah Jahan, ruler of India from 1627 to 1658, who is best known for having built the  Taj Mahal . It is heading to the Getty Museum   in New York on loan.

The third from their Western collection was a masterpiece of miniaturization. Simon Bening’s The Birth of the Virgin from 1530 was inserted into a prayer book commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V . The fourth stamp is a picture of Chester Beatty aged in his mid-thirties taken in 1911.

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