Papua New Guinea-India Joint Issue will Available Soon

By Anil Kr Pujara

India Post released a set of 2 commemorative postage stamps in December 2017 to commemorate relations between India and Papua New Guinea (PNG).It was a joint stamp issue .According to normal practice date of release of stamps of both the countries would be same .India Post  released Indian side stamps  while PNG issue is awaited .In a reply to query of a  philatelist from India  PNG Post replied that their stamps are  being printed and will be released soon.The answer of philatelists query is –

“We are expecting our version of the joint issue stamps anytime this week from the Security printer in India.

The stamps will be posted on our website for sale as soon as we receive them.”

 Kind Regards,

Banian Masiboda

Philatelic Manager | Philatelic Department |

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3 Responses to Papua New Guinea-India Joint Issue will Available Soon

  1. Ullas Jain says:

    These kind of negative posts should not be published.Such posts present India Post department in bad light.
    Such posts are anti-national.Anti-nationalism should not be promoted in any way.

    • PhilaMirror says:

      Dear philatelist,It is simply a news item and nothing wrong in given information about availability of PNG stamps which are awaited by stamp lovers who are collecting joint stamps of both the countries however keeping in view of your sentiments we are revising the post.

  2. Anil kr Pujara says:

    It is a matter of shame that India post is not able to honour it’s commitment.

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