Wish you a very happy New Year 2018.Every year is special for stamp collectors.They collect something new something special. Every year enriches our collection with thematic stamp issues.We hope that 2018 will also give new dimensions to your collection.

Important Events of 2018


  • 9-25 February:2018 Winter Olympic Games,Pyeongchang,South Korea
  • 4-15 April : 2018 Commonwealth Games,Gold Coast,Queensland,Australia
  • 14June-15 July:2018 FIFA World Cup,Russia
  • 18 August-2 September:2018 Asian Games,Idonesia


  • March : NASA plans to launch the explanet   seeking TESS   mission.
  • Two  space tourists are scheduled to fly around the Moon   in a  rocket, marking the first time that humans have ventured beyond  low earth orbit since1972 .
  • NASA’s  Solar Probe Plus is expected to orbit the Sun.
  • October: European-Japanese Bepi Colombo  spacecraft is scheduled to be launched to  Mercury.

Royal Wedding

  • 19 May:Prince Harry with Meghan Markle

International Years

UN :Contrary to common practice, the United Nations has not declared 2018as International Year for any specific topic. 2018 has not been dedicated to any specific topic by the UN.

EU:In 2018 the EU will celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritageeuropean year of cultural heritage   (EYCH). The year will be marked by events and initiatives across Europe to encourage people to explore and debate Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage; celebrate, understand and protect its unique value and reflect on the place that cultural heritage occupies in European citizens’ lives. A consortium of UK cultural heritage organisations will be coordinating UK events to include more of a European dimension to familiar programmes such as Heritage Open Days, but also activities specially promoting the 2018 EYCH.

Lunar Year:Year of Dog

year of dogThe Dog () is one of the 12-year cycle of animals   which appear in the Chinese Zodiac  related to the Chinese Calander. The Year of the Dog is associated with the Earthly Branch   symbol . The character 狗 refers to the actual animal   while 戌 refers to the zodiac animal.

Post Europe

Theme for 2018 Europa  Stamps:Bridges

europa 2018 stampsEUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations/enterprises and bears the official EUROPA logo, a PostEurop registered trademark under the aegis of PostEurop in which Europe is the central theme.EUROPA stamps underlines cooperation in the posts domain, taking into account promotion of philately. They also build awareness of the common roots, culture and history of Europe and its common goals.

Since the first issue in 1956, EUROPA stamps have been a tangible symbol of Europe’s desire for closer integration and cooperation. In 1993, PostEurop became responsible for issuing EUROPA stamps. PostEurop is the trade association that has been representing European public postal operators since 1993.

Its 52 members in 49 countries and territories collectively operate 175,000 retail counters, employ 2.1 million people and link 800 million people daily.

Stamp Release Schedule

10.01.2018 Russia ,15.02.2018  Iceland ,05.03.2018 Liechtenstein,26.03.2018 the Netherlands,20.04.2018 Andorra (Spanish post) ,20.04.2018 Lithuania ,20.04.2018 Norway ,23.04.2018 Faroe Islands,02.05.2018 CzechRepublic,02.05.2018 Guernsey,02.05.2018 Hungary
02.05.2018 Macedonia,03.05.2018 Germany  ,09.05.2018 Estonia ,03.05.2018 Sweden
04.05.2018 Slovakia,09.05.2018 Aland ,09.05.2018 Croatia ,09.05.2018 Finland
15.05.2018 Luxembourg ,17.05.2018 Denmark ,25.05.2018 Slovenia ,11.06.2018 Belgium

SEPAC Stamps 2018

Theme:”Spectacular views”sepac

The Small European Postal Administration Cooperation is an association of 14 European postal authorities: Aland,Faroe Islands,Gibraltar,Greenland,Guernsey,Iceland,San Marino,Isle of Man,Jersey,Liechtenstein ,Luxembourg,Malta,Monaco and Vatican City.

Stamp Release Schedule

 23.04.2018 Faroe Islands,,09.05.2018  Aland ,15.05.2018 Luxembourg ,04.06.2018 Liechtenstein ,01.08.2018 Guernsey ,13.09.2018Iceland

National Years

UAEyear of zayed

To mark 100 years since the birth of the country’s Founding Father, 2018 has been declared the “Year of Zayed” by the President, Sheikh Khalifa. The Year of Zayed will highlight his role in establishing the Federation, and his local, regional and international achievements.


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