New Stamps from Spain

30th Anniversary of the ERASMUS Scholarships

spain erasmus stampOver the past 30 years, some nine million people have enjoyed the Erasmus scholarship program. Every year, many young Europeans are excited about this experience. For a while, they live in another country, study at a foreign university and live a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition to the member countries of the European Union, other countries such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and Macedonia participate in this program. In 1987 the original program was started and Spain participated from the outset. During these 30 years it has evolved obtaining greater advantages and benefits. In this time Spain has facilitated the mobility of 625,300 students of Higher Education, 73,100 students of Vocational Training and 114,400 people belonging to the teaching staff and workers in the field of Youth.

Issue Date:16.10.2017 Process:Offset Size:57.6 x 40.9 mm Values:1.25 €

25 Years of Seville Expo ’92

spain expostampTherefore, Expo 92 had to be inaugurated on April 20, 1992, marking a before and after in the life and history of the Andalusian capital.

Seville was transformed giving rise to a new urban landscape. The construction of modern equipment and infrastructures, such as the AVE, which also turns 25 years since it was inaugurated on those dates for the Universal Exhibition. Also, to favor communications and transfers to the city of Seville, a new terminal was opened at San Pablo airport.

Issue Date:16.10.2017 Process:Offset Size:40.9 x 28.8 mm1.35 € Values:1.35 €

Estelas gigantes of Cantabria

spain estelas stampIn the coat of arms of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria we find a figure, symbol of the solar cult of the ancient Celts that populated Cantabria in centuries V and VI BC.This figure is known as Estela, and it is frequent to see it in this land reproduced in a multitude of objects, facades or utensils.

These are stone discs up to two meters in diameter that were probably used to mark ancient shrines or sacred sites. The block sheet shows in the foreground the famous Estela de Barros that is printed embossed, which through the pressure, leaves the paper marked in relief.

The stamp includes a detail of the image that appears in the bottom of the sheet, which shows some of the stelae exposed in the Museum of Prehistory and Archeology of Cantabria, and has embedded stone dust.

Issue Date:16.10.2017 Process:Offset, Thermography and Embossing Size:Stamp size: 45 x 33 mm, Sheet size: 150.64 x 86.4 mm

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