New Christmas 2017 Stamps: Cayman Islands

cayman islands christmas stampsThe Cayman Islands Postal Service issued four stamps and a first day cover that showcase local Christmas decorations. It features the decorations put up each year by the Bodden sisters on South Church Street and by the Crighton family at their home on Shamrock Road in Spotts. Both locations have become annual must-see sites for residents and visitors over the Christmas holidays.

Available in denominations of 25 cents, 75 cents, 80 cents and $1, the stamps feature images by Carmin Godfrey.The 25-cent stamp depicts a nativity scene at the home of Maxine and Maureen Bodden. The 75-cent stamp celebrates many versions of Santa, depicted in a decoration at the Crighton home. The 80-cent stamp features a scene at the Bodden home that showcases the popular carollers who go all round the island every year.

The $1 stamp depicts Santa and his elves in the snow, as seen in a Crighton home display.

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