France Issued Stamp on Joseph Peyre

france joseph peyre stampJoseph Peyré was a French writer, born on 13 March 1892 in the Pyrénées Atlantique (Aydie), died on 26 December 1968 in Cannes. Officer of the Legion of Honor, member of the Académie de Béarn and of the Academy of Pyrenean Letters. After a brief career as a lawyer and then in the public service, he turned to journalism and writing. His narratives, tinged with heroism, satisfy the adventures of ordinary characters who often outstrip the harsh worlds of the Sahara, the High Mountain, the bullfighting arenas, or his native Bearn. His novels, an expression of adventure and a great precision in the description, exalt above all the courage of men and recount “the universal and timeless being that exists in each of us”

Issue Date:23.10.2017 Designer:Christophe Laborde Baleine Process:Taille Douce Size:40.85 x 30 mm Values:€1.10

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