New Stamps from Spain

Portugalete Tide Gauge

spain portugalate guage stampAt the end of the pier of Churruca was installed in 1883 a nautical instrument that serves to measure the depth of the channel. Record changes in tides. This apparatus had a great importance since it facilitated to the ships the passage by the Estuary. It was built in Paris by the watchmaker Borrell-Wagner.The tide gauge is the testimony of a time when the commerce of this city made great progress and lived a very prosperous time.

This particular device did not record the data, the only way to control the up and down of the water, was watching the needles with a system similar to a clock.Later, other types of artifacts were installed in Spain that were called tide gauges, which recorded the data for use and comparison.This seal that is presented is issued in a Premium Pliego whose bottom captures an image of the city, where you can see its famous pier.The stamp, collects an illustration of the tide on a yellow background in allusion to the city flag.

Issue Date:16.10.2017 Process:Offset Size:28.8 x 40.9 mm Values:0.50 €

Exfilna 2017 :Metal Bridge 

spain exfinia stampsThis year Portugalete will host the 55th Philatelic Exhibition, EXFILNA, organized since 1963 by the Spanish Federation of Philatelic Societies (FESOFI), with the sponsorship of the State Postal and Telegraph Society.

For this reason, Correos issues a new stamp dedicated to this important event. The stamp is presented in a folding block sheet with a punch that reproduces the Metallic Bridge of the city, the Vizcaya Bridge. For the first time it is innovated with a stamp that carries a pop up, with augmented reality, that will collect the rise of this seal to the stratosphere. The bottom of the block leaf is of blue color, in allusion to the estuary.

The protagonist of this issue, the bridge of Vizcaya, Bizkaiko Zubia in Euskera, unites the two banks of the estuary of Bilbao, and was inaugurated on July 28, 1893.

Issue Date:16.10.2017 Process:Calcography, Offset, Die-cut and Fold Size:Stamp size: 61 x 28 mm, Sheet size: 144 x 115 mm (folded) 144 x 185 mm (unfolded) Values:3.15 €

40th Anniversary of Spain in the Council of Europe

spain council of europe stampIssue Date:16.10.2017 Process:Offset Size:40.9 x 28.8 mm Values:0.50 €

America UPAEP :  Tourist Attractions

spain upeap stampSince 1989, the member countries of the UPAEP have issued a philatelic series with stamps based on a common theme. This year, the chosen theme is tourism, more specifically Tourist Attractions.

The Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal (UPAEP) was founded in 1911 by Francisco García y Santos, Director General of Correos de Uruguay. Its aim is to promote and defend the provision of the universal postal service, to improve and boost the postal market and to promote development cooperation among member countries, to facilitate the exchange of information and, above all, to improve the quality of service, interoperability and the security of networks, through the promotion and application of new information technologies.

The stamp has for its main colours those of the Spanish flag. On a yellow background it shows a red carnation, typical Spanish flower that represents the character of this country, passionate, intense and strong. Spain is a tourist destination chosen by millions of people from all over the world, who visit us every year to enjoy all our virtues.

Issue Date:16.10.2017 Process:Offset Size:24.5 x 35 mm Values:1.35 €

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