New Stamps of Netherlands

Children’s Welfare

netherlands childrens welfare stampsThe Children’s Welfare Stamps 2017 feature the whole family from Jan, Jans en de kinderen, sitting at the table. One or two of the characters from the comic strip feature on each of the six stamps: Jan (Jack) and Gertje at top left, Karlijn and Jans (Jacky) in the middle at the top, and Opa (Grandad) and Loedertje at top right, Catootje and Lotje at bottom left, Jeroen (Thomas in the English version) in the middle at the bottom, and the Rode Kater (Edgar the ginger cat) at bottom right. The top edge of the sheet shows the PostNL and Foundation for Children’s Welfare Stamps Netherlands logos, and the bottom edge of the sheet displays the logo for Jan, Jans en de kinderen in the characteristic 1970s perspective typeface. The sans-serif typeface Frutiger (Adrian Frutiger, 1975) is used for the typography on the stamps.

Issue Date:08.11.2017 Illustrator:Studio Jan Kruis, Hoofddorp Printer:Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Haarlem Process:Offset Lithography Size:Size: 36 x 25 mm, Sheet 144 x 75 mm Values:€ 0.38

Endangered Animals

netherlands endangered animals stampsIssue Date:08.11.2017

National Stamp Day

netherland stamp dayThe National Stamp Day 2017 stamp sheetlet consists of ten identical special stamps marked with a denomination of 1, for items weighing up to 20g and destined for mail in the Netherlands. Each stamp features two circles together, one above the other. Both circles contain the portrait of Queen Wilhelmina with her hair loose, as it was depicted on the stamps that first appeared in 1891. One circle is in the green colour of the stamp itself, with a postage value of 20 cents. The other circle is in the blue-grey colour of the wood engraving that was used to assess the design for these stamps. The two portraits were made on the basis of the same photograph, but there are small differences. On the stamp, Queen Wilhelmina looks towards the right, but on the wood engraving she looks towards the left. There is a narrow decorative border around the green portrait, similar to the one printed on the stamps themselves. This narrow border is missing in the blue-grey portrait. The typography on the stamps follows the form of the circles. Alongside the green portrait is the destination, the Netherlands, and next to the blue-grey portrait the name of the issue. This name is also printed on the sheetlet edges in such a way that both sheet edges can be seen as the top edge. The same effect is achieved by mirroring the stamps two by two and three by three on the stamp sheetlet. The font used for the typography is Trenda Heavy (Latinotype, 2013), designed by Daniel Hernández and Paula Nazal.

Issue Date:08.11.2017 Printer:Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Haarlem Process:Offset Colours:cyan, magenta, yellow and black Size:Stamp -30 x 40mm, Sheet – 170 x 122 mm

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