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World Heritage Urban Centres :Granada

spain urban stampsIf there is a city full of charm, known throughout the world for its streets, monuments, its gastronomy, its mountains and its people, that city is Granada.The Alhambra, the Generalife and the Albaicín neighborhood make up the World Heritage Sites in Granada. In 1984 the Alhambra and the Generalife were included; ten years later, a technical team from UNESCO visited the Albaicin neighborhood and decided to include it in this exclusive list.

It is Granada land of great poets, artists of all branches of art, who find in this Andalusian city a great inspiration.Granada is a university campus, where thousands of young people come every year to fill their classrooms, proud to be formed in this city that so kindly welcomes you.The whole of the Alhambra and the Genera life represent the best example of Nasrid architecture; and the Albaicín neighborhood, a mixture of Islamic and Andalusian architecture. One of the stamps includes the Tower of Comares, the other, part of the Nasrid Palaces.

Issue Date:27.10.2017 Process:Calcography Size:Stamp size: 40.9 x 57.6 mm, Sheet size: 220 x 170 mm Values:3.15 €

Centenary of the Plaza de Toros de Albacete

spain plaza de toros stampA new stamp is issued, within the series Ephemerides, which commemorates the centenary of “La Chata”, as is popularly known the bullring of Albacete.On the occasion of the Fair of 1917, on September 9th, this plaza was inaugurated with bulls from the ranch of Fernando Villalón, fought by Rodolfo Gaona, José Gómez Gallito and Saleri II. Of clear Mudejar influence and with a main door formed by a horseshoe shaped arch, it is built with Novelda stone.

Albacete is land of bullfighters, bullfighters like Chicuelo or Dámaso González, have been honored with monuments next to the big door of the square. This monumental square, besides hosting great festivities, has a great tourist attraction.

The stamp is made up of a composition that joins two images of “La Chata”: on the one hand a real photograph of it at present, and next to it, representing the other part of the square, a painting that besides the facade , shows characters from a bygone era. Past and present come together to celebrate this first centenary.

Issue Date:20.10.2017 Process:Offset Size:40.9 x 28.8 mm Values:1.35 €

Tuna España

This new Premium Pliego dedicated to the Tuna is characterized by elements as characteristic as the bandurria or the tambourine, the books that representspain tuna stamp the student character of these groups, or the scholarship that usually accompanies the clothing of the tunos, in this case, the one that represents Tuna Spain, with the colors of the Spanish flag.

Tuna España, received the “Marca España” award, as it is considered an institution of interest for the promotion of our country, both inside and outside its borders.

The bottom of the Premium Pliego consists of a musical score.

La Tuna is born within the University and can have its origins in the minstrels or minstrels who sang for a living. Also in the goliardos, students who composed and interpreted songs whose theme was not well seen by the society of the time. They sang to parties, to wine or to profane love.

This traveler character and with a picaresque touch, is what has converged and converges today in these student groups, which in addition to encouraging parties and prowling the girls, preserve traditions such as the use of popular Spanish instruments such as bandurrias, lauds or guitars, already named the Archpriest of Hita in the Book of Good Love.

Many universities, schools or colleges have the honor of having a Tuna that bears his name all over the world.

Songs by all known as Clavelitos, Noche de Ronda or Adelita survive in the popular imagination.

The stamp that stars in this broadcast, shows the shadowed figure of a tuno, with the scholarship of Tuna Spain and who plays a guitar adorned with the typical ribbons of colors that usually take to offer as a gift, as a souvenir to those who are holed up.

Along with the name of Tuna Spain, also appears the “ñ”, symbol of Marca Spain.

Issue Date:18.10.2017 Process:Offset Size:28.8 x 40.9 mm Values:0.50 €

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