New Stamps from France

Actresses and Actors

france actresses stampsBlock of 4 stamps: 2 actresses and 2 actors who have made it in cinema but also theater, which explains the decoration of the block’s bottom, and the red curtain on the stamps.

– Magali NOËL (1931-2015)

– Odile VERSOIS (1930-1980)

– Bruno CREMER (1929-2010)

– Jean-Claude BRIALY (1933-2007)

Issue Date:16.10.2017 Designer:Sarah Bougault Process:Heliogravure Size:40 x 30 mm Values:€3.40

30 Years of Council of Europe

france council of europe stampThe Cultural Routes program was launched by the Council of Europe in 1987. Its aim was to demonstrate through travel in space and time that the heritage of the different European countries and their culture contribute to the common cultural heritage.

The itineraries implement the core values of the Council of Europe: human rights, cultural democracy, diversity and cultural identity, dialogue, exchange and mutual enrichment across borders and ages.

Issue Date:16.10.2017 Designer:Stephanie Ghinea Process:Offset Size:26 x 40 mm Values:€1.10

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