New Stamps from Switzerland

Swiss Railway Stations

swiss railway station stampDowntown Switzerland Zurich’s main station features in the third part of the definitive stamp series “Swiss railway Zurich main station is by far the largest and busiest station in Switzerland. It also handles the largest volume of traf c in the country. With around 3,000 trains per day it is even one of the most heavily used stations in the world. The building, with its impressive hall and the lateral tract on the Bahnhofstrasse side, was built by the architect Jakob Friedrich Wanner in 1871. He constructed it under the in uence of a design by the renowned architect Gottfried Semper. Semper lived in Zurich from 1855 to 1871, and during this period he was responsi- ble for building what is now the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

Issue Date:09.11.2017 Printer:Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem, Netherlands Process:Offset Colours:5 Colours Size:Sheetlet: 82×198 mm (open), 82 × 99mm (folded); 5 rows of 2 stamps

Stamp Day 2017 :Sainte-Croix

swiss stamp dayScphila 17 in the music box village The village of Sainte-Croix in the Vaudois Jura on the border with France can look back on a chequered history. It is known to this day for the music boxes produced there. This year the municipality is all set to play host to Stamp Day. Stamp Day has been the highlight of the year for philately a cionados for many a year. And 2017 will be no different, with the event taking place in the picturesque town of Sainte-Croix in Vaud’s Jura mountains. The local club, the Société Philatélique Sainte-Croix, extends an in- vitation to all philatelists to come to the Centre sportif des Champs de la Joux. The community of some 5,000 inhabit- ants is situated high up in the Vaudois Jura mountains and enjoys a fantastic panorama view of the “Jura balcony”. Af- ter a boom in lace-making and watch- making, the industrious inhabitants took up precision mechanics, with the rst music boxes being produced in 1814.

Issue Date:09.11.2017 Designer:Tessa Gerster, Lausanne Printer:Cartor Security Printing La Loupe, France Process:Offset Colours:5 Colours Size:Miniature sheet: 125 × 45mm, Stamps: 48.2 × 33mm

Pro Juventute 2017 

swiss projuventute stampAwakening memories Another pair of motifs rounds out the Pro Juventute “At school” series, started in 2016. The nostalgically styled illustrations are intended to evoke memories of one’s own schooldays. Pro Juventute stamps with a surcharge have existed since 1914. They have been popular collector’s items for many years. The surcharge is used to support child and youth projects run by Pro Juventute, such as their 147 helpline for children and adolescents for example. The “At school” series was launched with two motifs featuring “breaktime” and “lessons”. Two new stamps now continue and conclude the series. The B Mail motif depicts a class with their teacher in a geography lesson – an important subject in an era of globalization. The A Mail stamp shows a class singing Christmas carols to represent the socializing aspect of school. The nostalgic style of illustration, remi- niscent of the eighties, was retained. It conjures up an intact world. Not because everything was better back then, but be- cause memories of one’s own schooldays tendtosoftendif cultmomentsandfocus on the carefree times. The stamps were designed by Bülach-based illustrator Christian Kitzmüller, the winner of the 2016 Pro Juventute design competition.

Issue Date:09.11.2017 Designer:Christian Kitzmüller, Bülach Printer:Joh. Enschedé, Haarlem,Netherlands Process:Offset Colours:4 ColoursSize:Sheetlet: 82 x 198mm (open), 82 × 99mm (folded); 5 rows of 2 stamps Stamp Booklet: 254 x 62mm (open), 86 × 62mm (folded)

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