New Stamps from Lithuania

Royal Stag, Gray Hare  and  Badger

lithuania animals stampsIssue Date:17.10.2017 Designer:T. Dragūnas Printer:“Vaba Maa”, Estonia Process:Offset Size:Souvenir Sheet: 94 x 50mm, Stamp: 26 x 36mm Values:3 x 0,84 €

Contemporary Lithuanian Art Sculpture

lithuania sculpture stampKuzma created the sculptural composition “Lazarus, get up” in 1989, however it was implemented by his son, also a sculptor, Algirdas Kuzma after his death. Algirdas always assisted his father in the implementation of his creative ideas. A. Kuzma used the drawings and layout of this sculpture left by his father S. Kuzma. Thanks to the artist, the composition “Lazarus, get up” was built in the courtyard of Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos last year, expressing the spirit of hope of the diseased, their loved ones and resurrection. It is the symbol of a battle for life and vocation of doctors. The sculpture was built in the summer of 2016 from public funds.

Issue Date:17.10.2017 Designer:I. Ratkevičiūtė Printer:“Vaba Maa”, Estonia Process:Offset Size:Stamp: 36 x 52mm Values:0,94 €

Ethnic Minorities and Communities in Lithuania :Jews

lithuania minority stampDuring almost 700 years of life in Lithuania, Jews have created a rich, diverse culture. Jews quickly became involved in the political, economic, cultural and social life of the state. Many famous Judaism scholars and rabbis lived and created in the country. There were worldclass spiritual academies – Jeshivas, where young people from many countries of the world came to study there. Jewish schools, societies, shops and cafes function in cities and large cities. There were over 250 synagogues in Vilnius at different times. Activities of the Jewish community enriched and enlivened the life of Lithuanian cities and towns. The contribution of Lithuanian Jews, often called Litvaks, is extremely important to the history and development of Judaism. Vilnius, after the name of North Jerusalem, was known until the Second World War as one of the most important centers of Yiddish culture in Europe.

Issue Date:17.10.2017 Designer:V. Sideraitė Alon Printer:“Vaba Maa”, Estonia Process:Offset Size:30 x 37mm Values:0,94 €

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